President of Belize Baptist Association visits CU

President of Belize Baptist Association visits CU

July 3, 2013
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Pastor Ruperto Vincente, president of the Belize Baptist Association, second from right, was a visitor to Campbellsville University recently. He was with his wife Madona and his son, beside Mrs. Vincente, R Lee Martin Vincente, who graduated from CU in May. From left are Elaine Tan, international activities assistant; Chris Sanders, assistant dean of international education, and at far right Dr. DeWayne Frazier, dean of CU’s graduate and professional studies, associate vice president for academic affairs and associate professor of political science. (Campbellsville University Photo by Elaine Tan)

By Joan C. McKinney, news and publications coordinator

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Pastor Ruperto Vincente, president of the Belize Baptist Association and the Belize Football Association, visited Campbellsville University recently to discuss various items including theology training for Belizeans pastors, visiting soccer exhibitions and working with athletic teams, opportunities for missions, and further partnership to send Belizean students to CU.

He also saw his son, R Lee Martin Vincente, the first Belizean student to receive a degree at CU, graduate. R Lee Vincente obtained his bachelor of science in business administration degree in marketing.

“As the president of the Baptist Association and parent of the first Belizean student to graduate from Campbellsville University, I was very impressed with what I experienced at this university community,” he said. “I must say that the atmosphere is one that must be envied.”

Vincente, who said “the future of the nation is in the hands of our youth,” was working with CU to create a partnership between CU and the Baptist Association of Belize.

“I am convinced that a divinely planed partnership between Campbellsville University and the Baptist Association of Belize can be of great benefit to both parties,” he said.

“There would be more Belizean students going to the university to be prepared for leadership in Belize not only for the secular world but also for our churches.”

He said Campbellsville University will benefit from graduating students promoting CU in Belize.

“Pastors will now have an opportunity to take advantage of the theological training opportunities offered by the university. I am very excited about this new development,” he said.

Dr. Shane Garrison, assistant professor of educational ministries, was one of the theology professors who met with Vincente.

“Meeting with Pastor Ruperto was a thrill,” he said. “His vision and passion for ministry in his country is challenging and inspiring. I firmly believe Pastor Ruperto has God-sized dreams for the pastors and churches in the Belizean Baptist Convention and for their impact on the kingdom of God in their country and around the world.”

Dr. DeWayne Frazier, dean of graduate and professional studies, associate vice president for academic affairs and associate professor of political science, was host to Vincente during his visit.

“I have personally been blessed from my relationship with the Vicente family and feel honored to call them friends,” Frazier said.

“I know that Pastor Ruperto has a heart for the Lord and wants to see the spread of gospel in his home country of Belize.I look forward to future partnerships and ways that Campbellsville can assist our Belizean brothers and sisters in meeting the Great Commission.”

Frazier said Vincente has a strong influence across the country of Belize as evident in the positions he has held over the past decade including serving as a school teacher.

“I am eager to discover more ways Campbellsville can be involved in his ministries that have spanned over the past several decades.”

Frazier said there are many opportunities for synergy for CU and the Baptist Association of Belize.

He said there are opportunities for teaching positions at the Baptist High School in Belmopan, Belize as well as various mission opportunities for university students and local churches.

He said CU is “uniquely situated” to offer online and face-to-face theological training for local pastors throughout the country.

“Belize provides an unique opportunity for Campbellsville University faculty, staff and students in that the location is not only set in a beautiful tropical region of Central America, but it is also a English speaking country,” he said.

Vincente said Frazier made him “feel at home and part of the university family” during his visit. He said Elaine Tan, international activities assistant, made them feel “extra special,” and the staff at the university displayed their “love and appreciation for cultural diversity – something a university should always embrace.”

He said CU’s professors are humble and “willing to meet with a leader from another country to share their experience and desires to serve the less fortunate.

“The churches’ participation in the life and activities of the university is one that is unmatched.”

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