Baptist Heritage Lecture Series

Mission Statement:

The Baptist Heritage Lecture Series is to promote the study, discussion, and research of Baptist historical events, theological distinctives, traditions and leaders that are unique and essential to understanding who Baptists are.


  • To promote contemporary study of the 400 years of Baptist history.
  • To help 21st century Baptists and others to understand the tradition of Baptists being a “free people in a free state.”
  • To raise awareness of the importance of certain very basic Baptist traditions, including religious liberty, priesthood of the believer, authority of the scripture, social justice, salvation by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, and diversity of Baptists.
  • To sponsor appropriate lecture series and/or academic symposia to promote the study and discussion of the history and beliefs of Baptists.
  • To explore changing patterns in Baptist life, with emphasis given to the Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist World Alliance, Kentucky Baptist Convention, etc.
  • To promote reconciliation among Baptists across lines of race, ethnicity, language, etc.
  • To help highlight the unique contributions of African American Baptists.

Primary Contacts

John E. Chowning-Vice President for Church and External Relations & Executive Assistant to the President

Phone: 270-789-5520


Dr. Joe Early, Jr.-Assistant Professor of Theology

Phone: 270-789-5163


Past Lecture Topics

  • February, 2006 – Dr. Morgan Patterson – Topic – “Baptists in Kentucky”
  • April, 2006 – Dr. Morgan Patterson – Topic – “Baptist Distinctives”
  • February, 2007 – Professor Carolyn Blevins – Topic – “Baptist Theology and Women: Baptist Women in Missions and Ministry”
  • October, 2007 - Rev. Dr. David Coffey – Topic-“The Baptist World Alliance”
  • March, 2008 – Dr. William Henry Brackney-Topic – “Tradition is Not All Bad, Even for Baptists”
  • February, 2009 – Dr. Neville Callam – Topic – “Baptist World Alliance”
  • April 2, 2009 – Celebrating 400 Years of Baptist Heritage – Key Note Speaker – Dr. Bill Leonard – Topic – “Conscience and Dissent in a Believers’ Church: Renewing Baptist Global Identity”
  • March, 2010 – Dr. James Leo Garrett, Jr. – Topic – “The Future of Baptist Theology with a Look at Its Past”
  • March, 2011 – Dr. Walter Shurden – Topic – “Baptist Spirituality”
  • March 2012-Dr. J. Bradley Creed-Topic-“A Baptist Voter’s Guide to the 2012 Election: Lessons from the Past”
  • October 2012-Dr. Lawrence H. Williams & Dr. Joe Early, Jr.-Topic-“African American Baptist Heritage”
  • March 2013-Dr. Joe Early, Jr.-Topic-"The Apocalyptic Nature of Thomas Helwys's Writings"