Biblical Counselor, Youth Leader and Music Worship Leader (all FT) DBC, Denison Iowa

Biblical Counselor, Youth Leader and Music Worship Leader (all FT) DBC, Denison Iowa

3 positions open:    Biblical Counselor,   Youth Leader  &  Worship Leader      in Iowa

Location of Job:  Denison, Iowa

Company Name:  DBC      31 S. 14th Street  Dension, Iowa 51442


Biblical Minister Description/ Qualification:  Individual or couple gifted in and having a passion for helping people become whole. Is trained and equipped in Biblical Counseling. Has a full understanding of Biblical Counseling and is able to utilize the word of God as their key tool in helping people become whole. Is able to identify with and work with people from various cultures. Is able to develop a Biblical Counseling program from the ground up, train and equip lay counselors.  Present Ministry: This person or couple would be expected to develop a Biblical Counseling program that  would be an integral part of DBC’s ministry. Funding could be sought by private financial support, using our 501c3 status and via client pay.   Future ministry: The vision is to have a Biblical counseling center with trained professional and lay counselors meeting the needs of our community and beyond, training and equipping people who are seeking to minister in the counseling ministry.


Youth Minister position Descripton/ Qualification:    Individual or couple gifted in and having a passion for youth ministry. Is able to connect with youth, develop and equip a team for ministry. Is able to develop a youth ministry that is culturally appropriate in a multi-cultural community    

Worship Leader Description/ Qualification:   an individual or couple ifted in and having a passion for music... Is able to lead and develop a team, training and equipping them for ministry. Is able work in a multi-cultural community, able to be an encouragement and help to each person, seeking to help develop skills and their giftedness in music. Our worship service is contemporary in a welcoming and friendly (family) atmosphere.


  About Dennison

: Denison is a community located in Southwest Iowa and has a population over 8,000 residents and growing. The demographics show that 50% of the residents in Denison and about 25-30% of the residents in Crawford County are listed as multi-ethnic. Because of these very diverse demographics, we are purposely planting a Multi-Ethnic conservative Evangelical Church. Our average Sunday morning attendance at DBC is between 20-40 people, representing up to 8 different language groups. Although the city of Denison lists 8,200 residents our area of impact is between 20,000 – 25,000 residents. Statistically, Denison and the surrounding area is largely unreached with less then 0.04% of the population attending a healthy conservative Evangelical Church on any given Sunday.  Faciltiy: We are very fortunate to own a large historic facility located in downtown Denison. The Building was constructed in 1887 with incredible acoustics and a seating capacity of over 300 people. Between the sanctuary, the annex and the basements we have a lot of room for growth.  The Need: The legal community has approached me and has requested DBC to develop a Christ centered recovery program for people struggling with addictions. Celebrate Recovery was mentioned and recommended as program for us to consider. Addiction, mental health, and abuse are huge challenges we face here in Southwest Iowa. Many people are with these issues and feel hopelessness with no way out.

  Salary: As a new Church plant we do not have money to pay a salary at the present time. Therefore the person or couple would need to work bi-vocationally and or raise their financial support. If raising financial support is of interest to you, I would be happy to talk to more about how this can be done. We do expect this position to become a paid position in the future and it will be dependent upon our growth. As to working bi-vocationally, jobs are readily available in Denison. Denison is in a Microenvironment, with only 4% unemployment and a low cost of living.  If you would like to know more about this ministry opportunity please contact me at email:

Contact Name:  pastor Marc 


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Contact Phone:  (712) 269-6620

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