Business Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Business Information Technology

Core Requirements (30 hours):

Each course is 3 hours

ACC 223    Principles of Accounting I        
ACC 224    Principles of Accounting II       
BA 301       Principles of Marketing            
BA 303       Business Law I
BA 311       Principles of Management
BA 324       Introduction to Finance
BA 498       Business Capstone
BIT 320      Microcomputer Applications
ECO 222    Microeconomics
ECO 361    Social Statistics

Emphasis Requirements (33 hours):

Each course is 3 hours

BIT 222    Business Presentation Application
BIT 223    Database Application
BIT 340    Business Communication
BIT 385    Internship
CIS 315    Project Management
CIS 320    Systems Analysis and Design I
CIS 360    Principles of MIS
CIS 365    E-Commerce
CIS 380    Systems Analysis and Design II
* Must choose an additional six (6) hours from BIT/CIS 300/400 level courses

General Education Requirements (44 hours)

Must include ECO 221 Macroeconomics and MTH 111 College Algebra

Electives (13 hours)