Campus Announcement -- May 23, 2013

Campus Announcement -- May 23, 2013

LINC Servant Leadership Award

The LINC Servant Leadership Award is designed to recognize the L.I.N.C. worker who best demonstrates one of the core values of Campbellsville University, servant leadership.

Please select the L.I.N.C. worker that most exemplified servant leadership during the five L.I.N.C. events. Email your response to Rebecca Price at rhprice@campbellsville. Your votes must be received by 8 a.m. on August 3rd.

Nominate one worker:

Ashley Bolton Haley Carman Emily Cunha Shelly Dewar

Dereck Dodd Megan Herrman Kelly Hill Kaelin May

Levi McCamish Sierra McGinnis Ellie McKinley Matt Milton

Alexandra Morris Jared Nolan Clarissa Oldham Michaela Parker

Shay Pedigo Devin Reynolds Chris Rivera Andrew Simmons

Laura Thomas Logan Wolfe Lauren Workman Mary Kate Young