Campus Announcements -- Jan. 9, 2014

Campus Announcements -- Jan. 9, 2014

Student needs ride to Louisville tomorrow or Saturday

Samson Tarpeh of Liberia needs a ride tomorrow Friday, Jan. 10 after 1 p.m. He plays piano for a church on Sundays to help pay for tuition and needs a ride each week after 1 p.m. Friday or on Saturday. He has a way back on Sundays, but needs a way there each week from campus.

He does have a place to stay while he's in Louisville.

If you can help him out, it would be appreciated. His cell number is (502) 294-6536.

SGA meetings change to Sunday nights

SGA is excited for the new semester! They will be changing their meeting times to every other Sunday at 9 p.m. starting this Sunday, Jan. 12. They encourage all students to attend and share their voices on campus matters. They hope to see you there.