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What Can I Do With A Major In...       
This website will help you to explore careers connected with various academic majors.

Occupational Outlook and Career Info Visit this website for info from the US Government about career outlook (potential for growth and demand) as well as info on what degree/experience is required for each career.  (

CAREER MENTOR VOLUNTEERS    Students can connect with a career professional in their chosen field and gain one-on-one coaching/advice for their chosen career paths. Business leaders and key alumni are willing to offer support to students needing advise, job shadowing and overall specific career guidance. Contact info at

What Jobs Fit With Your Major?
Choosing a major has always been difficult for college students. Now, with the job market in flux, it's more important than ever that you declare a major in a field that you not only enjoy, but that will offer many employment opportunities after graduation.    Read more of this article by clicking here.

    TypeFocus is a career matching assessment based on values/interest that helps students to better understand themselves and take their first steps in determining a potential Careers/Majors fitting that career.Watch the 2-minute informational video, click here

a. Take online career assessment:  Login to using your student email address, create your own password, then login using our organizational access code, which you can receive by contacting Career Services email or call 270-789-5450 


Resume Assistance

Review the resources below, begin preparing a draft of your resume, or at least a list of work experience, skills, etc...  Then call/email to make an appointment for individual assistance/resume review! Sample Resumes tips :    career  

How To Write a CV:

Interview Q&As:

WorkAlpha provides resume samples and cover letter samples

Job Search ebook that can be downloaded for free to students, staff and alumni at:     

Graduate School Resources --  Offers a directory of searchable graduate school listings along with testing information, financial aid and graduate school news.

LSAT Testing Prep/Practice example questions.

WHAT is an Internship?
Internships are typically one-time work or service experiences related to the student’s major or career goal. The internship plan generally involves students working in professional settings under the supervision of practicing professionals. Internships can be paid or unpaid, and the student could possibly receive academic hours credit for performing the internship. Once you find the internship lead that you are interested in, contact your advisor/professor from your discipline, or ask for advice from career services to determine the internship qualifies for academic credit. Interns get hired much more often by companies after graduation. Internships are essential for young graduates with limited career experience!  Click here to read an article regarding the first two steps that should be taken in regards to an internship.

INTERNSHIP Job Search Resources: 

Intern to Earn - Louisville-based internships in a variety of career fields - nationwide resource for internships and part-time jobs

The Washington Center - government and political internships in D.C. and abroad

Comprehensive list available on Career Services' Internship page

CEI Internships Directory - username: CentreC password: Cen201213 This is a huge listing of internships and temporary employment resources, especially helpful for finding a variety of internships or summer work programs

Entertainment Careers/Internships - multiple arts/entertainment opportunities accross the US


CREATING an Academic Vita --An academic vita is a summary of your professional training and background. Visit this site for tips on creating a professional vita:

Career Videos (brief videoclips/resources)

JOB & CAREER FAIRS-- Campbellsville University offers multiple Career Fair opportunities each Spring and Fall semester (2 are on-campus,   1 is off-campus in Lexington--held exclusively for  Seniors/recent grads of private colleges only-- in Lexington, KY each February.   FREE transportation provided.  See Events page for details.   For a listing of -Job-Fair Company website listing- contact us.

    Job News USA, Louisville-area Job Fairs:     

    Women for Hire Career Expos:



Best Job Sites Reviews:

  • Glassdoor- resource for students/alumni researching companies for employment opportunities! 80,000+ employers listed
  • Employment Crossing -Browse jobs by location, type, income, and more.
  • Non-Profit Job Seeker - Find job openings in the non-profit sector across the USA.
  • - Massive and easy to use job search engine   
  • - has unique social networking integrations such as Facebook and Lnked in
  • – Kentucky/Bluegrass region job search and job postings 
  • Research many lists of Employers by major or by Company to get leads/  other resources available
  • – 900,000+  job listings, job search tools and career resources
  • – an entry level job site for college students and recent graduates; links to top 500 entry-level employers
  • – minority job search engine offers you to search from 550,000 active and non-replicated diversity jobs. Post your resume directly to allowing recruiters to contact you directly
  • LinkedIn -LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking resource-  
  • - Free -- leader in green jobs.  Career section covers high quality, in demand jobs like solar, wind, and geothermal.  Additionally, the training section gives details on how and where to get trained.
  • - search for jobs in higher education (directors, administrative as well as educators in colleges/universities nationwide)
  • Kentucky Career Center -  state agency for KY... can apply for positions or sign up for Unemployment
  • resources and job listings for all types of ministry related vocations.

  • - Popular career resources and job searching resource
  •   is a free healthcare career resource specializing in allied health, and traveling nurse careers/ career outlooks for each specialty  
  • - USAJOBS is the official job site of the United States Federal Government. source for Federal jobs and employment information.
  • – church related available positions throughout the state of Kentucky

  • - Urban Employ includes jobs and internship opportunities with broader regions and enhanced social networking capabilities, and our powerful, patent-pending Employer-Candidate Manager.
  • - Search for careers based on region or keywords
  • -Non profit agency job opportunities
  • This website helps college graduates with disabilities find jobs.
  • - A great site for Master’s grads seeking employment in Higher Education director level positions & more!
  • Jobmanji -- free job search with opportunities in Science, Engineering, Environment/Nature, Utilities (energy, Technology & many other markets. --Jobs throughout USA, Canada, the UK and Europe. 
  •  Traveling Nurse   - Free career resource for nursing career opportunities and jobs in the exciting field of travel nursing. The site has free resources on how to become a travel nurse, benefits, salary, how to find a job and numerous other FAQ’s. 
  • more than 100,000 hourly positions - all screened and approved jobs in retail, restaurants, customer service, etc.  Easy for busy students to apply for multiple jobs, and 100% free to use.
  • Neuvoo-  a job search engine that indexes jobs directly from companies' career websites, placement agencies and jobs board. It is much like the Google of job searches.
  • ChristianJobs and ChurchStaffing are employment sites focused on helping faith-minded job seekers find opportunities with churches, businesses, non-profits, and organizations.