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Annual Report

Annual Report on Racial Harmony and Diversity

Campbellsville University is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). For the past decade, CCCU has placed growing emphasis, among the member schools, on "racial harmony" and diversity.  Campbellsville University received the national award from CCCU in 2002 for the institution's work in this area.  

Since 2002, Campbellsville University has continued completing this report on an annual basis. In addition to forwarding the report to CCCU, this process is used as annual institutional measurement of the overall commitment to racial reconciliation and diversity. The report is proved to members of the senior administration, CU Diversity Committee, Kentucky Human Rights Commission, Greater Campbellsville United, Governor's Office of Ministry Empowerment, Board of Trustees, and other constituency groups.

The report presents a comprehensive annual report on the work that is being done on the campus and in the local community.  The most recent report may be reviewed by going to the link below.


Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Annual Report


For further information, please contact the Office of Church and External Relations, 270-789-5520.