Chaplain at Hosparus Campbellsville KY

Chaplain at Hosparus Campbellsville KY


As a member of the interdisciplinary team, the Chaplain provides spiritual care services to patients and families as assigned. Services include assessment, emotional support, and spiritual care related to theological and belief issues, relationship issues, existential and meaning issues and spiritual suffering at the end of life.

• Conducts spiritual assessment in the context of social, environmental and behavioral factors of patient and family.
• Assesses the faith tradition of the patient and family members. Assesses present and past faith affiliations.
• In making assessment, demonstrates clinical skills in providing pastoral care to patient, family and staff.
• Participates in development of IDT plan of care.
• Evaluates progress towards goals and interventions.
• Facilitates patient and family participation in plan of care that addresses spiritual care.
• Provides individual and family pastoral/spiritual counseling in coping with serious illness and end of life issues.
• Demonstrates effective communication and relationship building skills with patient and families, team members, staff and community religious/spiritual leaders.
• Demonstrates knowledge of pastoral/spiritual care and possesses clinical skills to engage in a meaningful, therapeutic, pastoral relationship with patients and family.
• Provides follow up after death as determined by Interdisciplinary Team.
• Educates and supports patient/family in end-of-life choices and issues by assisting with funeral planning and conducting funeral/memorial services as needed.
• Applies medical ethics as needed.
• Responds to spiritual and emotional needs of hospice staff and team members.
• Provides leadership and assists in annual memorial services.
• Demonstrates commitment to 24 hour, 7 day per week, patient care by participating in on-call services.
• Provides supervision and coaching to volunteers providing denominational support and/or spiritual support, as assigned.

• Evaluates progress towards goals and effectiveness of interventions for patients/families, revising plan of care as necessary.
• Evaluates overall effectiveness of own individual spiritual care, identifying and acting on strategies to increase practice and effectiveness.

Professional Efficiency
• Completes spiritual assessment in a timely manner.
• Documents contacts with/on behalf of patients and families that are concise and reflect assessment, planning, interventions, evaluation and closure and according to timeliness standards.
• Reflects productive and efficient practice in daily work, according to departmental goals and expectations.

• Communicates clearly, concisely and in a timely manner with team members, including nursing facility, Hosparus Inpatient Care Center, Bereavement and others.
• Collaborates with others to assure coordination in delivery of care and to achieve quality outcomes for shared caseload.

• Acts as a professional mentor/role model.
• Serves as professional resource for pastoral care or related issues.
• Supervises interns/students, as assigned.

Required Experience:

•Experience in organizing and providing pastoral/spiritual care to individuals and families.
•Ability to work productively with community clergy from variety of denominational backgrounds and faith traditions.
•Ability to work productively with members of the interdisciplinary team.
•Endorsed by ecclesiastical group or eligible for endorsement.

Required Education:
Education and training and licensing requirements:

•Master’s degree in divinity, theology, religion or related field plus 2 CPE Unitsrequired. CPE equivalence will be considered based on clinical experience with supervision similar to CPE standards, i.e. standardized curriculum with structured supervision and specific outcomes. If candidate meets equivalency, must agree to pursue required CPE Units.