Christian Missions

Christian Missions (Major & Minor):  Christian Missions Major is a program of study and a set of experiences that cultivates knowledge of and praxis in Christian missions, the on-going biblical narrative of God the redeeming Father, the risen Son, and the revealing Spirit

For Christian Missions Major, student may select the option of either B.A. (51 hrs, with 12-hr language requirement) or B.S. (39 hrs, with no language requirement).

Christian Missions Faculty:

  • Lead Professor:  Twyla Hernandez (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor of Christian Missions
  • Jennifer Garrison (M.B.E.; M.A., Ph.D. Candidate), Associate Instructor

Christian Studies Core Requirements (18 hrs)

CHS 211 Art of Reading the Bible
CHS 230 Spiritual Formation
CHS 365 Christian Studies Internship
CHS 432 Christian Theology
CHS 471 Church History
CHS Upper Level Old or New Testament Course

Christian Missions Major, 39-51 hours
(includes 21 hours of Christian Missions courses)

Christian Missions Minor, 27 hours
(includes 9 hours of Christian Missions courses)