Collateral Materials

Collateral Materials Guidelines


The official logo/logotype of Campbellsville University and the appropriate contact information must appear on the back cover of all University publications. If a publi- cation features a mailing panel, allow a minimum clear area of 2” x 4” at the bottom right of the mailing panel for ease of address imprinting and processing. Standard A mailings have additional requirements. Please contact the University Post Office at (270) 789-5248 for specifications. In order to obtain the most favorable postage rates, it is recommended that all mailing panels for self-mailers be pre-approved by the University Post Office and the U.S. Postal Service.

For publications that do not feature a mailing panel, the address block will be placed at least 1.25” from the bottom margin and .5” from the left margin in a manner that complements the design.

The University URL,, should be prominently displayed.


Forms are an important component of Campbellsville University’s visual identity program and include everything from billing forms to paychecks to parking tickets. Forms used by Campbellsville University should have the appropriate logo prominently displayed and adhere to the standards as set forth in this Manual. Unless it is a legally binding document, the use of the University seal on forms is not allowed. The Office of Business Services is glad to assist you in developing and ordering your forms. Contact Director of Purchasing Services at (270) 789-5109.

Website Graphics

Schools, colleges and departments are encouraged to develop their own Web presence on the University’s Content Management System (CMS) website within the confines of the branded template. Users, roles and standards are managed by the Office of Admissions.

The University seal may not be used as a graphic element on Web sites.

All official University school, college and department Web sites must be identified with the Campbellsville University logo.
Contact the webmaster at (270) 789-5323 for assistance.


The official logo/logotype of Campbellsville University as outlined in this Manual is to be used on all exterior and interior signage, including, but not limited to, building, freestanding, facility, directional, glass mounted, wayfinding and vehicle signage.

The Office of Finance and Administration has specifications for this signage and provides staff support for ordering and installing signs. All signage must conform to these specifications. No signs should be ordered or placed without consulting with the Office of Finance and Administration at (270) 789-5304.