College Adminstrator Intern (Full-Time), Tech Mission, Boston MA

College Adminstrator Intern (Full-Time), Tech Mission, Boston MA

Position Title:  College Administrator Intern

Full-time or Part-time:  Full-time

Company Name:  TechMission

Location of Job:  Boston, MA

Company Address:  31 Torrey Street, Dorchester Massachusetts 02124

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone:  (617) 282-9798

Position Description:  The College Administrator Internship will help equip the interns prepare for future careers in higher education administration and nonprofit administration. The College Administrator Intern is a full-time position in Boston, MA responsible for supporting the City Vision President, Chief Academic Officer and Director of Operations in administrative functions related to City Vision College and its parent organization TechMission. The position will report directly to the City Vision College President. Duties include the following:
Maintaining student records including student transcripts, applications, files, grades and other student records.
Performing initial transcript review for incoming students and preparing outgoing transcript request to be submitted to the President for review.
Answering phones, E-mail and chat request to provide student support in all aspects of enrollment, course registration and orientation.
Support the financial management of TechMission including recording tracking finances organization QuickBooks
Performing administrative functions including: managing the physical filing system of City Vision/TechMission, tracking timesheets,
Support the physical operations of office including supplies and basic equipment.
Provide support for the overall administrative needs of City Vision College and TechMission as directed by the President.

Contact Name:  Jonathan Spain-Collins

Website Address for Applying Online: