Campbellsville University Technology Training Center Computer Courses

CUTTC Computer Training Courses

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Microsoft Office 2010
    • Excel 2010
    • Word 2010
    • Access 2010
    • Power Point 2010
  • Quickbooks
  • Social Networking Courses - Facebook, Twitter and more


Are you new to using computers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say "the Cloud", Windows, Skype, Social Media sites and etc.? Perhaps you would just like to know about how computers work? This course will cover the basic concepts including what type of computer is best for your personal use, i.e., desktop vs. laptop; what is an operating system, and which is best for your personal use; basic computer usage and safety when on the "net"; how to choose an internet service  provider for you; how to find "free sites" to aid you with typing skills, etc.. and what you need to know about social media sites, i.e., privacy issues, appropriate content and etc.

This course is for you. Dates February 25, 26, March 4 and 6 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Cost $99.00

Call us today to register (required) Daran Kennon 270-789-5396 or email