Course Descriptions

MAOL Course Descriptions

BA 606 Team Dynamics
This course will explore the psychological contract between leader and follower that take many forms between two people or between the leader and groups. Students will study group formation and group development as well as the intricacies of coaching, mentoring, and discipling.

BA 607 Organizational Communication
This class is a study of communication in an organizational context. The course will examine the different modes and methods of communication that occur in organizations. This course will help students become more effective communicators in all organizational settings. The areas of communication that will be concentrated on include: written, verbal, and non-verbal, presentations, meetings, diversity and listening skills.

BA 611 Organization Theory
An organic systems approach to organizational design for effective performance in light of organization mission and strategy including a study of organizational structure, culture, policy, procedure, learning and agility as they relate to competitiveness in an increasingly global environment.

BA 625 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
This course will focus on skills necessary for managers and business owners to effectively resolve conflicts and controversies associated with organizations. Focusing on the differences among negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, and the ability to identify the underlying issues giving rise to the conflict or controversy and how to resolve such issues in an ethical manner.

BA 613 Managerial Decision Making
This course categorizes problem solving and decision making into operational and strategic components, examines their different features, and provides logic for achieving solutions. Development of a culture of problem solving is illustrated and encouraged through an emphasis on diagnostic questions, informed empirical induction, and analysis of group setting.

BA 617 Leadership
This course studies three levels of leadership: the individual the team and the organization. It is designed to expose learners to a variety of leadership perspectives and practices to enhance individual effectiveness as a leader.

BA 608 Managing Diversity
This course is a survey of relevant research literature on diversity. Focusing primarily on management, communications, culture and values of the growing diverse population and members of the U.S. workforce.

BA 609 Spirituality in the Workplace
A course that examines the rights and responsibilities of a Christian in the workplace. The course will cover the unique advantages and the unique challenges that Christians have within the culture of the modern day organization.

BA 630 Contemporary Topics in Organizational Behavior
A topical seminar where various, contemporary issues will be discussed. Students will focus on academic literature as a source for class discussion and materials.

BA 650 Organizational Leadership Capstone
Synthesizes the knowledge and skills learned throughout this program. This experience can include a guided project, preparation of a publishable manuscript, or attendance at a professional seminar. The students will also complete their portfolio during this course. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.