Course Development

Our Learning House (LH) partners need a 120-day window to work with you to ensure the best possible course for our students. (NOTE: The last 30 days allow the instructor to test the course and tweak it to his/her liking.)

Here is a great visual of how course design works. It includes a few of the many features Learning House offers as part of our partnership; there is no added cost. Their efforts are tied to our Course Quality Review Initiative (CQRI). If you allow them the time to develop your course with you and take advantage of their expertise in delivery options (not content), they can easily deliver to you a Level 4 course.


  1. Ensure the course has been approved the Curriculum Committee (and the General Education Committee, if applicable).
  2.  Ensure that an order for the course has been placed with CDE. You can contact Fred Miller in CDE for confirmation. 
  3. Review the course development timeline. This is a brief and excellent walk-through of course development.
  4. Ensure that your syllabus is ready to share with LH staff.