Steps to Enrolling for Dual Credit

Steps to enrolling for Dual Credit with Campbellsville University

Submit the following:

  • Application for High School Programs
  • High School transcript
  • ACT, SAT, PLAN or PSAT results
  • Letter of recommendation from guidance counselor or principal
  • Payment for the college courses

Other policies related to Dual Credit

  • Student is limited to enrolling in no more than two (2) dual credit courses per semester.
  • A student enrolled in dual credit with Campbellsville University may take one (1) additional college course as a high school honors student.  This class may be on the campus of CU or at an extension site.
  • A student’s bill must be paid in full before a transcript will be released.
  • The student’s grade and credit earned is listed on an official Campbellsville University transcript.
  • Students may not earn credit retroactively.  It is mandatory for a student to sign up for classes at the designated time, and to qualify at that time…not later.
  • The dual credit program is designed for high school juniors and seniors.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to request the college transcript from the Office of Student Records at CU if he/she desires it to be sent to another college or university.