Environmental Science Program

The Environmental Science Minor is available in the form of two emphases:  

  • Applied Environmental Sciences Emphasis (intended for biology and chemistry majors)
  • Environmental Studies Emphasis (intended for majors outside the natural science discipline)
This minor is not intended for teacher certification.

Environmental Studies Internship

The CU Environmental Studies (CUES) Internship Experience is a competitive opportunity offered to CU Biology majors interested in professional careers including but not limited to the fields of environmental studies, ecology, natural resource management, or wildlife/conservation biology. This paid internship is intended to provide the recipient with hands-on learning opportunities in the environmental study area as a complement to the student’s academic experience. Working alongside professional biologists, ecologists and natural resource professionals from the region, the intern will be exposed to multiple real-world experiences in the field of environmental studies.

Environmental Science Scholarships

White Scholarship
Howell Scholarship

To apply for these scholarships you must first have applied for and been granted admission to Campbellsville University.

You may contact the Office of Admissions concerning admission and the Financial Aid Office for further information about general scholarship opportunities. The Scholarship Committee of the Division of Natural Science reviews applications for scholarships in the sciences. If you are interested in applying for a natural science scholarship you should contact the Chair of the Division of Natural Science, (270)789-5250.  If you are interested in the Campbellsville University Environmental Studies Internship contact the Environmental Studies Program Coordinator, Dr. Richard Kessler, at rkkessler@campbellsville.edu.


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Environmental Science Program Course Requirements