ESL Endorsement (Graduate)

Graduate Level ESL (P-12) Endorsement

This program is carefully aligned with EPSB requirements and includes field experiences with P-12 students in school districts with ELL students.  The program also focuses on a variety of strategies used in KY with LEP students, including sheltered English and immersion.

“Kentucky schools serve approximately 8,500 students whose primary language is not English, and who have been formally identified as English Language Learners (ELL). The state ELL enrollment represents a 24% increase from the previous year, and a 316.7% increase over the past ten years, one of the highest growth in the nation.”
  Kentucky Department of Education

This endorsement can be taken as part of a teacher’s MAE, as an Advanced Level certification, or as an ‘add-on’ endorsement. The program includes 5 courses with a total of 15 hours of course work that will be conveniently offered on a semester basis. 

These courses are:

  • TSL 510            Language and Culture
  • TSL 640            Second Language Acquisition
  • TSL 650            ESL/EFL Assessment
  • TSL 660            Materials and Methods I:  Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation
  • TSL 661            Materials and Methods II:  Reading, Writing, and Grammar        

The program has a 30-hour field experience component built in, with each of the 5 courses requiring 6 hours of field experience. 

The “English to Speakers of Other Languages” Praxis II Exam is required after completion of all endorsement coursework, after which the endorsement will be granted by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board and added to the teacher certification.                    

Graduate ESL Endorsement Forms

Curriculum Contract Graduate ESL Endorsement.docx

In addition to the Curriculum Contract, a CAP 5 Endorsement Only form must be completed (this can be found with the Rank 1 forms).