Current Exchanges are:


Ternopil National Pedagogic University (TNPU), Ternopil, Ukraine
CU summer TESOL program operated in conjunction with this school. Very easy to work with based on our long relationship. Facilities – dorms, computers, classrooms, etc are fantastic. This partnership gives access to local orphanages, public schools, children’s summer camps, traditional musicians and artisans, etc. A major research and teaching institution, TNPU would be a great partner for nearly all of our departments. So far 1 student from there at CU and 5 of ours attended summer program on their site. 4 major universities in the city of 250,000 people make it a very young and vibrant place. Large but very small town feel. A very popular city with our students so far. Few courses offered in English but many qualified faculty can teach in English. We can easily arrange on student-by-student basis in advance. All students/faculty must have 1 week orientation period of local excursions and intensive language training. Minimum of 5 hours per week survival Ukrainian language throughout program. 


Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences (ETEA) part of the Educational Institution of the Society of Jesus, Cordoba, Spain
1 to 1 exchange agreement but they would prefer that we work with them to develop some service programs in the summer. A yearly invitation of partner school faculty to give lectures on international business-related topics during their spring seminars. Good site for any student looking for Spanish emersion as most classes are offered only in Spanish. Good location to work on social work programs since they are well connected in the community. Opportunities for students to work with ongoing programs or have their students work with us on programs of our creation. Want ongoing cooperation, not singular programs.


Beijing Agricultural University (BAU), Beijing, China
BAU offers many courses in English. Student body studies in English. No students at CU from there and none from here have gone there. Beautiful location about 30-45 minutes outside of Beijing but connected by commuter train. Facilities are on par with US.


Nagoya Gaidai University, Nagoya, Japan
This university has been a draw for our students regularly. 2 CU students have each just returned from 1 year programs in Japanese language and culture. We regularly have Nagoya students here on campus in the ESLI. They offer scholarships to make staying in Japan easier. Excellent facilities. Good option to look into for short term summer program development in cooperation with them. Otherwise, an all around great place for any students from any department to study. They are open to helping create intern options and volunteer work placements. Case-by-case and at least semester in advance. Coursework in English.


University of Fortaleza, Fortaleza, Brazil
This partnership has not resulted in students coming or going. It was initiated by me to meet some requests of domestic students and faculty for a site in Brazil but no one followed through in going. Very good resources at this institution. Course offerings in English are very limited but they have many faculty who can teach specific courses in English. They would like to develop summer programs on their site with us but I doubt there would be enough CU student interest to make anything sustainable. Faculty with students wishing to go here will need to work out a plan of study on an individual basis at least a semester in advance.


St. Johns College – Belize City, Belize

St. John's College is a Catholic, Jesuit institution and is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse educational institutions in Belize. Established by Jesuit priests in 1887, the College is recognized as a leader in both secondary and higher education.

St. John's College has four divisions of outstanding reputation, and a number of acclaimed central academic centers and activities. Through its four divisions, SJC offers a wide variety of subjects covered in any secondary and two-year postsecondary curricula, delivering huge flexibility and choice to its students.

For more info contact Mr. Sanders at or call 270-789-5051