Faculty and Staff


Johana Perez-Weisenberger

    Johana Perez-W joined Campbellsville University’s faculty in 2003 as a Spanish Instructor  and became Assistant Professor in 2008. She has a B.A. in Business Administration from  Universidad Privada San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She receive her M.A. in Spanish from  University of Arkansas in 2003. She also received her MBA from Campbellsville University in  2005. She is a Ph. D. Candidate from the University of Kentucky. Perez’s interests include  Latin American Literature with a focus in Central America. Currently, she is in the process of  writing her doctoral dissertation entitled: “El enclave bananero en la literatura: Guatemala,  Honduras y Costa Rica”.

Contact Info:

Office: Carter Hall 203         Tel. (270) 789-5040 

1 University Drive UPO# 807     Campbellsville University     Campbellsville, KY 42718-2799

Email:       gjperez@campbellsville.edu

Dr. Carmen Arranz

    Dr. Carmen Arranz joined Campbellsville University’s faculty in 2013 as an Assistant  Professor. She has a B.A. in Translation and Interpretation from Universidad de Valladolid,  Spain. She received her M.A. in Hispanic Studies in 2004 from the University of Kentucky and  her PhD in 2010. Arranz’s fields of specialization are 19th- and 20th Century Peninsular  Spanish literature and culture, with a focus on gender studies.

Contact Info:

Office:  Carter Hall 208         Tel. phone: (270) 789-5284

1 University Drive UPO#858      Campbellsville University     Campbellsville, KY 42718-2799

Email: carranz@campbellsville.edu





To set an appointment with a tutor make sure you send “Request a Tutor” Form visiting this website: http://www.campbellsville.edu/request-a-tutor or contact Megan Davidson(270) 789-7017, mldavidson@ampbellsville.edu

Vanesa Rivadeneira


Email: mvriva48@students.campbellsville.edu

Phone:  (270) 996-6980

Taylor Ohlmann


Email: TDOhlm95@students.campbellsville.edu

Phone: (502) 689-4752

Maria Fernanda Archila


Email: mfapp@hotmail.com

Phone: (631) 835-9690

Pablo Barrios


Email: pablobs1195@gmail.com

Whatsaap: (+34) 667-219-509

Marcelo Petit


Email: Marcelopetit2010@gmail.com

Phone: (270) 403-4178

Graduate Assistant


   Humberto Pineda

   Maracaibo - Venezuela

   Email: Hpine42@students.campbellsville.edu

   Phone: (270) 317-2690