Faculty and Staff



Beverly C. Ennis, Ph.D., Dean

 Office:EB 107A
Phone: 270-789-5344



Lisa Allen, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Education
Graduate Program Chair
Office:  EB 126
Phone:  270-789-5506
Cell:  502-507-1523



Carol Bartlett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office:  EB 124
Phone:  270-789-5482
E-Mail:  csbartlett@campbellsville.edu



 Susan Blevins

 Assistant Professor
Office: EB 110
Phone: 270-789-5345
E-mail: smblevins@campbellsville.edu


Donald Cheatham

Office: EB 114
Phone: 270-789-5505


Dottie Davis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education
Office: EB 113
Phone: 270- 789-5090
E-mail: dldavis@campbellsville.edu



Donna Fohl

Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Office:  EB  122
Phone:  270-789-5168 
E-mail:  dbfohl@campbellsville.edu



 Lisa Fulks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education/Special Education
Office: EB 108
Phone: 270-789-5241

E-mail: lrfulks@campbellsville.edu



Carolyn A. Garrison, Ed.D.

Professor and Assessment Coordinator
Office: EB 101
Phone: 270- 789-5284
E-mail: cagarrison@campbellsville.edu



Marilyn Goodwin, Ph. D.

 Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Office: EB 122
Phone: 270-789-5168



Chuck Hamilton, Ed. D.

Associate Professor of Education and Undergraduate Chair
Office: EB 106
Phone: 270-789-5166
E-Mail:  clhamilton@campbellsville.edu



Ellen Hamilton-Ford

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Office:  EB 116
Phone:  270-789-5477
E-Mail:  ehford@campbellsville.edu



Sharon Hundley, Ed.D.

Associate Professor/Chair of Early Childhood Education Program 
Office: EB 118
Phone: 270-789-5503
E-mail:  href="mailto:slhundley@campbellsville.edu">slhundley@campbellsville.edu 



Robin Magruder, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education
Office: EB 112
Phone: 270-789-5139
E-mail: rlmagruder@campbellsville.edu


Billy H. Stout, Ed.D.

Professor, Special Education 
Office: EB 129
Phone: 270-789-5408



Norma R. Wheat

Chair of Special Education Program
Certification Officer
Program Development
Office: EB 133
Telephone: 270-789-5169
E-mail:  nrwheat@campbellsville.edu



Mrs. Cheryl Akins

Secretary to the Dean
Office: EB 107
Phone: 270-789-5252
E-mail: clakins@campbellsville.edu

Mrs. Gwen Sampson

Data Entry Specialist for the School of Education
Office: EB 105
Phone: 270-789-5156
E-mail: gmsampson@campbellsville.edu

Mrs. Alice Steele

Special Education Secretary
Office: EB 131
Phone: 270-789-5160
E-Mail: absteele@campbellsville.edu

Mrs. Elizabeth Franklin

Early Childhood Education Secretary
EB 120
Email:  emfranklin@campbellsville.edu