Health and Safety


(Health & Safety, Passports)


 - US Department of State

Essential help from the US government, for everything from travel safety advisories to crisis assistance for US citizens abroad, as well as contact information for all US embassies and consulates abroad. Also lists foreign embassies and consulates in the US. Frequently-consulted parts of this very comprehensive web site include the following.


- US State Department Travel Advisories mailing list (a listserv mailing list)

Free to subscribe. Email DOSTRAVEL@STATELISTS.STATE.GOV and type in the message body "subscribe DOSTRAVEL yourname" (omit the quotation marks and leave subject blank). This essential email announcement list sends US Department of State travel advisories to your email inbox as they are announced.


- Travel Warnings and Information


- Travel Tips for Students


Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts (contact information for all overseas US embassies and consulates)


- Online US Embassies, Consulates, and other Missions


- A Safe Trip Abroad


- A Healthy Trip Abroad



- Country Background Notes


- Centers for Disease Control, CDC Travel Information

Official US government information about health conditions worldwide, including recommendations for immunizations and locations of travel clinics.


- US Customs Office, Traveler Information

Information on customs restrictions and duty fees on items brought into the US by travelers.


-Association for Safe International Road Travel

Non-profit organization can provide information worldwide on the risks of travel by road.


- World Health Organization

Website has information on health, safety and more, which can be brought up for individual countries. Site claims to use information from the CDC, US State Department, World Health Organization, and medical journals.


- Pre-departure Checklist

Recommended reading for travelers to all destinations. Produced for CIEE.


- SAFETI Clearinghouse - USC

By Gary Rhodes. An extensive collection of web resources for education abroad administrators. Individuals (especially those traveling to less-developed regions) may find useful this site's Adaptation of Peace Corps Resources.


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