About the Program

The purpose of the Honors Program is to provide our most talented students a more challenging general education experience within the liberal arts curriculum. 

Campbellsville University recognizes that each student must be given the opportunity to reach his or her full intellectual potential.  Part of this mission includes reaching out to exceptional students and providing them with extraordinary academic challenges.  Each student who completes the program’s requirements will be recognized as an Honors Graduate at Commencement and will receive an Honors Diploma. 

The Honors Program is open to all students who may benefit from it.

Honors Program Overview and Requirements

Campbellsville University recognizes that each student must be given the opportunity to reach his or her full intellectual potential. The honors Program reaches out to our most talented students and provides them with a more challenging educational experience and opportunities to participate in social events. The program is open to all students, and any student who completes all program requirements will be recognized as an Honors Program Graduate at commencement and will receive an Honors Diploma.

Honors Program Requirements

Complete a minimum of 18 hours of Honors courses
Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA
Receive no more than 1 “C” in any general education course
Receive no grade below a “C” in any course
Complete the three 1 hour Honors Seminar Courses (HON 105, HON 305, HON 405)
Complete 20 hours of community service per academic year by:
Participating in Honors Program sponsored service projects and/or Volunteering as an individual
Participate in no less than 6 Honors program meetings and 6 Honors events per academic year

Participating in the Honors Program

Honors Courses
Honors courses are not separate classes. They meet along with the regular class; however, Honors students use a different syllabus that provides a more rigorous, enlightening and challenging experience. They will have some different, more thought-provoking assignments.
Honors Seminars
Honors Seminar courses are designed to enhance intellectual growth outside the traditional classroom through discussions covering a wide range of topics. Honors Seminars meet once a week.
Honors Service Projects
At least once per semester, the honors program will sponsor a service project to provide students the opportunity to complete their community service requirement. Also, the Honors Program can assist its members in finding opportunities to volunteer in the community as individuals.

Email: honors@campbellsville.edu