Info for Students

Information for Students

Student E-mail
An e-mail address is given to all registered University students. This e-mail address will be used for any official correspondence from the University. First, to receive an e-mail account you must actually be a registered student at CU.  This means you have met with an advisor and registered for courses via TigerNet. Once this is complete, your e-mail account will be generated, normally within 2 business days of registration. For help with accessing your student email account for the first time please see the Information Technology tab in
TigerNet. To login to your student email please see the link below.

Internet Access for Students Living on Campus
Internet access is available in each residence hall room. You can use an Ethernet connection to access the Internet through the University provided network or connect to the wireless network.
    ·All students must register their device through the registration portal. 
     Click for more information
    · All students must have an up-to-date ANTI-VIRUS software installed on their computers. 
    · All students must apply the latest security patches and updates for their operating system.

Wireless Internet Access
Campbellsville University has wireless internet access available all throughout campus. Students will need a wireless capable device and abide by the Acceptable Use Policy.  Click for more information (

Still having difficulty connecting? The IT help desk can help those students interested in accessing wireless on campus.

Need Help? Contact the IT department
If you have any questions about what you need to take full advantage of the technology services offered by the Campbellsville IT department, please feel free to stop by our office.

Links to Commonly Used Sites and Tools


Student E-mail 
Microsoft hosted student email account provided by the University.

Information Technology 
The IT department provides network services and support to all faculty, staff and students. 

is your portal for personal information about course registrations, transcripts, grades, etc. It can be accessed from any Internet connection, including off campus. 

Moodle is a browser-based software application commonly referred to as a learning management system or LMS. It is the program that provides the course content a student uses when taking an online course. 

Campbellsville University Official Facebook
Campbellsville University's Facebook page is maintained and monitored by the Office of University Communications, in conjunction with various campus departments.

CU Alerts 
CU Alerts are available to help notify students of emergencies on campus. Sign up to receive emergency announcements via text message and email.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Information Technology located?
 -We are located at 409 Hoskins Ave, in the Technology Training Center. It is across from the Barnes and Noble Campbellsville University Bookstore.

What kind of services does Information Technology provide?
-The IT department provides network services and support to all faculty, staff and students. We can assist students with installing antivirus software, virus removal, and other technical questions.

Why can’t I connect to the internet in my dorm?
-First make sure you have followed the instructions with network registration located on the Information Technology tab located on 
TigerNet. If you have followed the instructions and still you are not successful, please contact IT for further support.

How do I access the wireless connections on campus?
-In order to connect to TigerWifi, you must register your device. Assistance for registering your device is available on the Information Technology tab located on

Where are the available wireless connections located?
-All residence halls have wireless connections.Wireless is available in many other areas on campus.  Any place you see TigerWifi broadcasting, you can connect. Most common study areas for students include: The Hard Wood Café and Davenport Student Commons area, BASC, Montgomery Library, Winters Dining Hall, Tigerville Grille and Papa Johns.

How do I setup my student email account?
-Please follow the instructions located on the student email account information sheet available on the Information Technology tab located on 

Why can’t I use P2P software like Limewire, Ares etc.?
-Campbellsville University takes copyright issues very seriously. According to the RIAA’s website, “Plain and simple: piracy is bad news. While the term is commonly used, “piracy” doesn’t even begin to describe what is taking place. When you go online and download songs without permission, you are stealing. The illegal downloading of music is just as wrong as shoplifting from a local convenience store – and the impact on those who create music and bring it to fans is equally devastating.”

Campbellsville University has a copyright policy in place and all users of Campbellsville University’s resources are bound by this policy. If you do not agree with the policy listed here, then you may not use Campbellsville University resources.