International Studies Minor

International Studies Minor

 A Minor in International Studies is the first step in adding an international element to your professional development. From positions in a local school district to an international corporation, studying international issues and languages can enhance your long term career prospects.

Our goal is to help you integrate a period of experience abroad with select courses on our campus. Combining an international study or service-learning experience, with your Campbellsville University education provides an excellent foundation upon which to adapt to the volatile and rapidly changing international environment in which we live. Campbellsville University faculty who teach in the International Studies Minor program offer our students their years of experience, practical skills and a wealth of knowledge necessary for understanding a world where distant actions, for better or worse, affect each of us locally.

Students enrolled in the international studies minor are REQUIRED to study abroad in a Campbellsville University sanctioned semester or summer program. If this is not possible the student may submit a written request to the Director of International Education for a possible alternative.

For questions about the International Studies Minor Program and study/service abroad opportunities available at Campbellsville University, please contact the CIE at 270.789.5051 or

Printable Word document - International Studies Minor Requirements