Internship Links

An internship offers a tremendous experience and on-the-job learning outside of the traditional classroom  environment. The CU Political Science Department encourages and assists students in creating a customized internship to support their individual academic and professional goals. Aside from providing valuable work experience, there are numerous ways in which you can benefit from an internship:

  • Spend the academic year, semester or summer away from campus while living and working overeas, in a metropolitan city, or rural America.
  • Participate in paid or unpaid internships that can range from conducting tours on Capitol Hill, to working in the KY Legislature or researching political issues for a think-tank.
  • Earn academic credit(s) while gaining an invaluable experience outside of the classroom.
  • Excellent networking opportunities that could potentially land a full-time job offer upon completion of your internship.  

Campbellsville students have participated in some exciting internships that have included places such as the Institute for World Politics in Washington, DC, the United States Congress, the Legislative Research Commission in Frankfort, KY, as well as the Louisville City Council.  The Political Science Department is committed to helping you reach your goal by securing an internship that is custom designed to help you achieve success.

Internship Links

Listed below are various links to specific or general internship sites that can help guide you in what type of internship you may be interested in participating in. 

Internship Programs - search from over hundreds of sites that can be suited for various interests or geographic locations.

The Washington Center - providing a placement service that help you secure an internship in the DC area or abroad, as well as seminars and lecture series.

Washington Internship Institute - placement service that provides DC internships throughout the DC area, to include US Embassies, government agencies and Capitol Hill.

Legislative Intern Program/Frankfort Semester Internships- offers university undergraduates the opportunity to participate actively in the state legislative session while receiving full academic credit for one semester. (see page 107 of the CU catalog for more information)

Intern with Senator Mitch McConnell or Senator Rand Paul- offer summer and 3-month semester internships in Washington D.C. offices.