Law School Panel

Law School Panel

Mon, November 5, 201210:00 AM

There is an exciting opportunity coming in November! Campbellsville University will be hosting a Kentucky Law School Panel on Monday, Nov. 5th 10am-12pm, with a presentation during the first hour or so, then open for Q & A and additional discussions. Representatives will give a brief overview of their program and explain their requirements for the admissions process. Navigating the process for starting a Law degree can be tricky, so we want to give students this great opportunity to discover what they need in order to pursue Law.

We would love for any interested students, faculty, and staff to participate in this event. The following law schools will be represented:

• University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law
• University of Kentucky College of Law
• Chase Law School (Northern KY University)

Location: BASC banquet hall