Legal Considerations

Legal Considerations

The official Campbellsville University seal, the logo–sometimes known as the logotype or signature, the Tiger athletics logo and the Tiger paw emblem are pending registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Campbellsville University has exclusive ownership rights regarding the use of these emblems as well as the Campbellsville University name. These images are intended for the express use of Campbellsville University and Campbellsville University schools, departments, divisions, centers or units. Use of these symbols for commercial purposes is prohibited without express consent from the University. Approved use in such cases may include related licensing fees.

When these emblems are used by University organizations, its affiliates or authorized non-affiliates, the emblems must carry the proper registration mark or trademark as shown.

Entities outside the University wishing to use these emblems or the Campbellsville University name for commercial purposes must first secure consent by contacting the following via telephone or regular mail.

 For use of the University logo or seal:
Office of University Communications
1 University Drive, UPO 787
Campbellsville, KY 42718
(270) 789-5213

For use of athletics logos:
Office of Athletics
1 University Drive, UPO 793
Campbellsville, KY 42718
(270) 789-5257

Advertisers in official University programs, athletic programs or other official Campbellsville University publications do not require contracts or written authorizations. However, all uses of the Campbellsville University name and its emblems must comply with the standards outlined in this Manual.

Affiliated organizations, such as student or faculty groups, wishing to use the official emblems on official correspondence, specific items or in conjunction with specific events, must contact the Office of University Communications at (270) 789-5213 for consent and approval. For sports related logos, please contact the Office of Athletics at (270) 789-5257.

Alterations to or variations of the official University seal and logotypes are not permitted. Those using Athletics emblems are to use the versions presented in this Manual.

With the exception of officially approved products, Campbellsville University’s logo and other graphic symbols are not to be used in a manner that suggests endorsement of any product, service, opinion or cause. The images may not be used in publications or Web pages intended to disparage the University.

Any use of the Campbellsville University logo and graphic symbols shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in the Standards Manual.