Logo Guidelines

When a company requests to use the Campbellsville University logo these guidelines must be met:

  • Must have a current business relationship with the university or be a corporate sponsor of CU at $1,000.
  • The approved use is for a single use. Any additional use must come back to University Communications, 270-789-5004, for approval.
  • The trademark symbol should be used.
  • A proof needs to be seen and approved by University Communications, 270-789-5004, before distribution.

Acceptable Logo Versions

The most important, overriding element in the Campbellsville University identity system is the logo.

Please follow the guidelines when using the Campbellsville University logo in any publication.

Logo must be used in connection with Chapel Icon unless approved by the Office of University Communications. The only exception is when there are two university logos on one printed or electronic (web) page. The Chapel Icon must be used in the primary location, while the text-only logo (with trademark) should be used in the secondary position. Please see www.campbellsville.edu homepage for example.

Unacceptable Logo Manipulation