Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Management

Program Overview - The purpose of the BSBA/Management emphasis program is to actively engage students in the processes of planning, organizing, controlling, leading, and motivating.  Graduates should be able to manage employees and businesses in a manner consistent with legal guidelines and Christian  principles.

To complete the Management emphasis, the following courses will be needed:  30 hours of core business courses, 33 hours of Management emphasis courses, 13 hours of electives, and 44 hours of general education requirements.  Each business course is three credit hours.

Core Requirements (30 hours):

Each course is 3 hours

ACC 223    Principles of Accounting I
ACC 224    Principles of Accounting II
BA 301       Marketing I
BA 303       Business Law I
BA 311       Principles of Management
BA 324       Introduction to Finance
BA 498       Business Capstone
BIT 320      Microcomputer Applications
ECO 222    Microeconomics
ECO 361    Social Statistics

Management Emphasis (33 hours):

Each course is 3 hours

BA 302       Marketing II
BA 304       Business Law II
BA 312       Organizational Behavior
BA 314       Human Resource Management
BA 384       Business Ethics
BA 413       Managerial Decision Making
BA 422       Managerial Finance
BA 483       Operations Management
BIT 340      Business Communication
    Choose 6 hours from the following:
BA 313       Small Business Management
BA 412       Insurance
ECO 342     Labor Problems
ECO 352     Money and Banking
ECO 480     Selected Topics

General Education Requirements (44 hours)

Must include ECO 221 Macroeconomics and MTH 111 College Algebra

Electives (13 hours)