Moodle - Course Access

How to access courses on CU's learning portal, "Moodle."

When Can I Access My Course? - Course access is provided the Monday before the term starts on the following Monday.

How to I Login? - You will need your CU ID (username) and your TigerNET PIN (password). If you need assistance with your ID or PIN, contact Student Records at 270.789.5233. 

Where Do I Get Help Accessing Moodle and My Courses? - If you need help accessing Moodle or your course, contact Distance Education at

When emailing, include your name, ID number, the course ID and term.

NOTE: If you are an employee of the university and a student contact Distance Education to arrange for alternate credentials.

Need help GETTING INTO Moodle?
Call 270-789-5352 (8a - 5p, M-F)*

Need help USING Moodle? Call 800-985-9781.

*Alternately, you can submit a ticket here:

  • New to Moodle? View the student tutorial. (Available at any time!)
  • You will need your CU ID and PIN (used for TigerNET).
  • If you need assistance with your PIN, contact Student Records by phone (270-789-5233) or email.
  • If you cannot successfully log in to Moodle contact the Center for Distance Education by phone (270.789.5359) or email.
  • If you have trouble with elements within an online course, contact the Help Center at 800-985-9781.
What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online application called a learning management system or LMS. It is where you access the materials for your course.

What does "Moodle" mean?

Moodle is an acronym for "Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment."

  • If you do not see your course on your Moodle account by the Wednesday before the term starts, contact the Center Distance Education
  • The Center for Distance Education does not provide support for textbook or third-party course software such as SAMS. Please contact your instructor.
  • The Center for Distance Education does not provide support for in-course applications such as Adobe Connect or Big Blue Button. Please contact our Help Center at 800-985-9781.
  • Deadlines apply to dropping courses and withdrawing from a term after it begins with regard to financial charges and academic records (grades). Please refer to the Bulletin-Catalog for information about these deadlines. You may also contact...
    • Business Services at 270-789-5302 (financial charges)
    • Student Records at 270-789-5233 (academic records, grades)