Note From the ESLI

The ESLI is centrally located on Campbellsville University’s Campus where international students are an integral part of Campbellsville University life. We think that you as a person comes first. You are a student second. Our teachers are highly trained professionals who care deeply about their students.

The ESLI not only prepares students for their academic programs, but also emphasizes learning the culture of North America and Campbellsville, KY. The Campbellsville Community tries to provide many opportunities for our students to not only be a part of the university community, but to be a part of the larger community of Campbellsville. Of course we share our own cultures with each other as well.

Our students study hard, but they also play hard. There are many opportunities to travel, go to conferences and meet other international students from other schools, and join university sports teams and intramural sports.

The more open our international students are to trying new things, the more they enjoy their time with us at Campbellsville University.

“We want to see you at Campbellsville University!”