Online Theology Degrees

Online Theology Degrees

The Campbellsville University School of Theology has three (3) degrees fully online. 

Undergraduate Degrees
27-Hour Certificate in Christian Ministry
60-Hour Associates in Christian Studies

Graduate Degree
30-Hour Master of Theology

Online Program Descriptions

The Certificate in Christian Studies in 27-Hour, 9 course program of study intended to help student better themselves in the areas of biblical knowledge, ministry preparation, and Christian theology.  This program can be completed in 1 year fully online.

Courses include:

  CHS 111 Introduction to Old Testament Study
  CHS 121 Introduction to New Testament Study
  CHS 352 Pastoral Ministries
  CHS 353 Ministry of Proclamation
  CHS 354 Christian Evangelism
  CHS 432 Christian Theology
  CHS 451 Growing a Healthy Church *
  CHS 471 Church History
  CHS 480 Pastoral Letters, Pastoral Ministry
           * Upper Division Elective. Many other courses can be substituted based on sequence and scheduling.

The Associates in Christian Studies is a 60-Hour, 20 course program of study designed to provide ministry students full general education requirements and significant ministry preparation.  The course of study is quite similar to the Certificate of Christian Ministry with the addition of 30 hours of general education.

The Master of Theology is a 30-Hour, 10 course graduate program of study designed to prepare graduate students for Christian Ministry vocations including church, para-church, non-profit organizations, and continued academic study in biblical, theological, and Christian ministry disciplines. 

Students select one 18-hour core emphasis area in either Biblical Studies, Pastoral Leadership, or Theological Studies.

Biblical Studies core courses:
  CHS 510 Old Testament History & Interpretation I
  CHS 511 Old Testament History & Interpretation II
  CHS 513 Old Testament Prophets
  CHS 520 New Testament History & Interpretation I
  CHS 521 New Testament History & Interpretation II
  CHS 580 Pastoral Letters, Pastoral Leadership

Pastoral Leadership core courses:
  CHS 551 Journey into Christ-likeness
  CHS 552 Pastoral Ministries & Evangelism
  CHS 553 Ministry of Proclamation & Worship
  CHS 555 Pastoral Care & Counseling
  CHS 567 Leadership Development
  CHS 661 Innovations in the Contemporary Church

Theological Studies core courses:
  CHS 531 Christian Theology
  CHS 543 Ethics of the Christian Faith
  CHS 571 Pre-Reformation History of the Church
  CHS 572 Post-Reformation History of the Church
  CHS 580 Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics
  CHS 634 Gospel and Postmodernism

Elective Courses:
  CHS 525 The General Letters (Biblical)
  CHS 544 Philosophy of the Christian Faith (Theological)
  CHS 556 Christian Evangelism and the Church (Pastoral Leadership)
  CHS 557 Church Planting (Pastoral Leadership)
  CHS 558 Pastoral Care in Human Crisis (Pastoral Leadership)
  CHS 561 Introduction to Educational Ministries (Pastoral Leadership)
  CHS 562 Intergenerational Ministries (Pastoral Leadership)
  CHS 580 Baptist History and Heritage (Theological)

Online Teaching Philosophy

All online Theology courses are taught excellent full-time and adjunct instructors who have undergone extensive training in online educational techniques.  Each have academic and pastoral credentials in their respective field. 

All courses are 8-weeks in length creating a manageable weekly schedule and providing students enough time to master the content areas.  Academic instruction is based on a moodle layout which arranges content into 8 individual units corresponding to the 8 weeks of the class.  Assignments include discussion forums, writing and posting essays, live chats, quizzes, exams, reading report, group projects, and a virtual classroom experience called Adobe Connect.