Political Science

About the Program

The CU Political Science program is a generalist program of study designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to follow their calling and become difference-makers in the world.  Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the ability to critically evaluate the world in which they live, the tools to effectively engage that world, and the practical experience necessary to be marketable in a competitive political environment.  

Our program is built on the ideal that the learning should be more than taking notes or answering multiple choice questions.  To build effective leaders, we have developed an integrated program that focuses on practical and authentic assignments, in-class discussions and debates, and focused writing assignments designed to help students develop the communication skills they will need as the pursue careers in the private or public sector.  

Students are highly encouraged to build an interdisciplinary curriculum to help them build intellectual connections with other disciplines, and to understand how the political interacts with our broader culture.  They are also encouraged to experience politics off of our campus through study abroad, study away or research opportunities.

Students in the program can choose between a 36-hour major and an 18-hour minor with concentrations in American Politics or Global Studies.


Our Mission is to expose students to a diverse set of experiences that will prepare them for a professional career in the private sector or public service. This will be accomplished by providing a well-round curriculum representing the various sub-fields of the discipline, interesting and current special topics courses relevant to the current political environment, and opportunities for experiential learning through internships, research and study abroad/study away. When possible, every effort will be made to allow students to develop a customizable degree tailored to their own unique interests and skills.


Core Requirements

 Political Science Major     36 
 Core Requirements for Political Science Major
 Political Science Electives
 18  including at least 6 Writing- or Research Intensive
 Political Science Minor  21
 Core Requirements for Political Science Minor
 Political Science Electives
  9  including at least 3 Writing- or Research-Intensive




Recommended Core Course Sequence

 Years of Study
 First    POL 101  Introduction to Political Science
 POL 110  American Government
 Second    POL 361  Social Statistics
 POL 362  Methods of Research
 Third    POL 482  Western Political Philosophy
 Fourth    POL 499  Senior Seminar in Political Science (required only for majors)