Political Science


About the Program

The major and minor curriculum patterns are drawn from contemporary fields of political science and allow for a wide range of course selection. The student will be provided with much exposure to the areas of Political Science as possible within the framework of the student’s interest and career objectives.


Core Requirements

 Political Science Major     36 
 Core Requirements for Political Science Major
 Political Science Electives
 15  including at least 6 Writing- or Research Intensive
 Political Science Minor  21
 Core Requirements for Political Science Minor
 Political Science Electives
  9  including at least 3 Writing- or Research-Intensive

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Recommended Course Sequence

 Years of Study
 First    POL 101, Introduction to Political Science; POL 110, American Government
 Second    POL 282, Western Political Philosophy; POL 361, Social Statistics
 Third    POL 362, Methods of Research; ?POL 341, Comparative Government or POL 352, International Relations
 Fourth    POL 499, Senior Seminar in Political Science (required only for majors)