Position Statement from Dr. Michael Carter

Position Statement from Dr. Michael Carter

Needless to say, we are perplexed by the unfounded charges that have been thrown at Campbellsville University. We are saddened by the level of rhetoric, political labeling, and name calling that has appeared in the blogs and internet-based venues. We have chosen to not engage in such tactics and will continue to rise above such rhetoric and labeling that are not in keeping with the spirit of our Christian faith.

We cannot comment on personnel decisions other than to point out that no one has been fired, and the professor was told he would have an additional one year to teach. Such decisions are difficult and never made lightly.

Campbellsville University has not changed and has not wavered in our strong and historic commitment to the Kentucky Baptist family. We have never worked harder to connect with the churches and leaders of our convention; we have never worked harder to prepare Christian servant leaders who will become world changers for Christ - even with the ongoing reduction of Cooperative Program funding; and we strongly disagree with those who choose to engage in political rhetoric and use of labels.

The commitment to Christ-centered higher education, in the great tradition of our Baptist heritage, has never been stronger as evidenced by our ‘Vision 2025’ blueprint for the future - which very clearly states CU's commitment to remain centered in Christ and based in the Baptist tradition.

Campbellsville University has more than 400 employees, more than 3,300 students (spring 2013), and more than 10,000 alumni around the globe. Our budget is more than $53 million for 2012-2013, we are providing Kentucky Baptist students more than $7.0 million in institutional financial aid as part of nearly $45 million total from various sources of financial aid, and CU is a comprehensive, Christ-centered university offering more than 80 academic options for our students. CU’s accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, as well as the respective unit accreditation, requires that certain topics and issues be explored in the classroom. Our goal for all of our students is that they will come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and they will be world changers and servant leaders for Christ in all fields of endeavor.

We ask that Kentucky Baptists take a look at the end of year report that we have recently distributed (http://www.campbellsville.edu/04222013carter). The year of 2012-2013 has been one of the best in the 107 year history with a record enrollment, record number of graduations, a number of professions of faith among our students, mission trips around the world, and numerous examples of Christian servant leadership among our students, faculty, staff, and coaches.

Finally, CU is very appreciative of the support we have received from Kentucky Baptists through the years. Our commitment is very clear to the ‘whosoever will gospel’ (John 3:16), Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), and Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-38).

Dr. Michael V. Carter