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BSW Field Practicum is where the real world happens! This is where you begin to put your classroom knowledge into practice at an agency setting.Here are some activities you can expect:

1) Develop a Learning Plan that will map out your experience and practice
2) Work under the supervision of a BSW/MSW who will focus on your Learning Plan
3) Be in the "field" several hours a week depending on your chosen path
4) Meet weekly in Field Seminar class with your instructor and peers
5) Gain feedback on your progress as an emerging social work professional

Generalist Practicum Activities

Students will be engaged in activities at the BSW level to demonstrate their practice and knowledge of the NASW Core Competencies.NASW requires all BSW students to earn 450 practicum hours.The practicum hours are conducted at an agency setting and can be completed in one or two semesters.
Some examples of generalist practice activities can be:

Advocacy                                     Group Facilitation
Case Work                                   Interviewing
Resource and Referral                Community Work
Case Management                      Research
Active Listening                           Use of Supervision
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