Promotion Coordinator (Part-Time) J&L Marketing Louisville,KY

Promotion Coordinator (Part-Time) J&L Marketing Louisville,KY

Position Title: Promotion Coordinator (Part-Time)

Company Name: J&L Marketing

Location of Job: Nationwide

Company Address:
: 2100 Nelson Miller Pkwy
City : Louisville
State : Kentucky
Zip Code : 40223

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone: (800) 346-9117

Position Description: Position: Promotion Coordinator

Looking for a job with flexible hours, great pay and the opportunity for travel? We’ve got the job for you! The promotion coordinator position is a part-time position that qualifies for an internship. For this position, we are seeking qualified candidates to lead and organize our direct marketing promotions in and around your area. We look for students who are seeking a part-time job position/internship for at least a year (freshmen, sophomore, and juniors). We also look for students with an enthusiastic attitude who have a natural ability to connect with customers, and we believe that your students have the characteristics we are looking for in a Promotion Coordinator (PC).

The Promotion Coordinator position is a very flexible position. Our PCs tell us when they are available to work, so this is the perfect for college students. Our promotions are weekend-based. So if you have Friday & Saturday availability OR just Saturday availability, this job is perfect for you! Not to mention, the PC position is an incredible resume builder! Candidates must present a professional image, outgoing personality, enthusiastic attitude, and possess an interest in communication, sales, and/or marketing.

Job Description:

Lead and organize marketing promotions at local and regional automotive and RV dealerships.
Conduct sales meetings.
Greet and qualify customers based on their buying needs and habits.
Work with salespeople to track and analyze results.
Maintain an upbeat sales atmosphere.

Contact Name: Danielle Pikes

Website Address for Applying Online: