A number of publications are produced each year by students at Campbellsville University.

   Dr. Russ Barclay, left, receives a special award from Meagan Pickett, 2012 editor of the  Campus Times, during a special end-of-the-year banquet.

Campus Times

     Each month while school is in session, the student staff of the Campus Times under the direction of adviser Stan McKinney produces the Campus Times. The newspaper, published as a tabloid, is distributed to all students, staff and faculty on campus.

     It provides mass communication students an opportunity to practice their skills while producing a campus newspaper.

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Mass Connections

     Public relations students each year produce a newsletter for alumni. Know as Mass Connections, the magazine is normally 12 pages, printed on high quality paper and in full color. Most of the stories are written by students in advanced public relations classes while the photos are taken by photojournalism students.

     Mass Connections provides students with the chance to be published, clips for their resume and keeps alumni informed of what is happening at their alma mater. Click either here or on Mass Connections in the index at left to see the latest issue.


Tiger Prints

     For the last four years, photojournalism students have published an annual book containing their best images taken on campus. Tiger Prints is a collection of photographs taken of all aspects of university life. There are sports photos, photos of events such as homecoming, photos of students studying, eating and just having a good time.

     Tiger Prints also provides students a chance to be published. All featured photographers received a copy of the hardcover book which can be cited on their resumes.

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Below are several photos from Tiger Prints 4 published in June 2009.

Special publications

     From time to time, the department of mass communication publishes a variety of special publications. One such publication was A Day in the Life of Campbellsville University. It was published in March 2007 during the university's centennial celebration. At right is a slide show of images from the publication.