The Power of Reading

One of the best ways to increase your comprehension of the English language is to read. Reading helps you to understand words in context and relationship with other vocabulary..

English Page Reading Room's "Reading Room" allows you to choose from popular newspapers, magazines, online books, references materials, etc. for your reading selection.

English Today

English Today is a blog style site with reading comprehension exercises, complete with a story and quiz questions that follow.

Fiction Reading

East of the Web Short Stories are fictional short stories for leisure reading. has short stories for English learners. 

General Reading has classic, children's, comedy, fiction, news, etc. reading selections and some audio books as well.


One way to improve your reading comprehension is to read the news and current events.  The following are well know news providers with plenty of reading material. is one of the world's largest news providers with current events on politics, entertainment, and more. is another world wide news provider. provides sports news and commentary on sporting events.