Sports Leadership


MISSION STATEMENT:   The Human Performance Department academic track offerings will :

     1.  Provide a quality curriculum and environment conducive to student success and foster academic excellence.

     2.  Provide a quality faculty committed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to compete for available jobs in local, state, national and global markets.

     3.  Provide a rich learning environment ensuring the availability of the appropriate technologies, activities, diversity and care.

     4.  Provide the preparation of the student in their respective fields to be life-long learners and servant leaders.

The Common Professional Component as defined by the Commision on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) in accordance with North American Society For Sport Management (NASSM) and National Association For Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) identifies topical areas to be covered with undergraduate sport management degree programs.  Those include:

     A.  Social, psychological and international foundations of sport management.

     B.  Ethics in sport management

     C.  Sport Marketing & Communication

     D.  Finance/Accounting/Economics

     E.  Legal Aspects of sport

     F.  Integrative Experience

The Sport Leadership track prepares students for a variety of administrative positions within the sport and recreational industry. Sport leadership caters to the successful operation of a variety of sport organizations and operations—such as intercollegiate athletics, sport facilities, professional sport organizations, parks and recreation organizations, sport marketing companies and multi-purpose facilities.  The curricula adequately prepares students to think critically and deal effectively with issues in a changing global environment. 

The Sport Management Area is a 51 hour program of which 33 hours are core requirements. The student may choose 18 elective hours from the Business, Human Performance or Mass Communications courses listed and dependent upon the student's area of interest. The Area requires a 6 hour internship and portfolio component from  core course requirements.


Students choosing the Sport Leadership track with the Sport Management Area program must complete HP 201 History & Philosophy of PE & Sport, HP 315 Introduction to Sport Management and English 112 Freshman Composition II for continuation with the program.   There is a portfolio requirement and six hour internship requirement for the Area for graduation.


Minimum Requirements of the Area                                                                         51 Hours


HP 201 History & Phil of PE & Sport (3) fall/spring                                                                                  

 HP 315 Introduction to Sport Management (3) both

HP 360 Gender & Diversity Issues in Sports (3) spring

HP 370 Sport Facility Management (3) fall

HP 371 Sport Finance (3) fall

HP 405 Sport Marketing (3) spring

HP 430 Psychology of Sport (3) fall

HP 444 Sport Policy & Governance (3) fall

HP 445 Sport & The Law (3) spring

HP 485 Internship (6) fall/spring/summer


HP 234 Safety in Physical Education & Sport (2) spring term

HP 300 Strength Training & Conditioning (3) fall term

HP/CHS 351 Christian Coaching (3) spring

HP 325 Sport & Media (3) spring

HP 350 Sport Tourism (3) spring

HP 355 Stress Management (3) on demand

HP 375 Current Issues & Trends in Sport (3) alternate terms

HP 402 Community Recreation (3) on demand

HP 480 Special Topics (3) both

BA 301 Marketing I ( Eco 222 prerequisite) (3) both

BA 302 Marketing II (BA 301 pre-req) (3) both

BA 303 Business Law I  (3) both

BA 311 Prin of Management(Eco 222 pre-req)  (3) spring

BA 312 Organizational Behavior (3) both

BA 313 Small Business Management (3) both

BA 314 Human Resource Mgt (BA 311 pre-req) (3) spring

BA 315 Sales Management (3) spring                                                                                                                  BA 384 Business Ethics (3) fall

BA 402 Promotion Management (3)

BA 412 Risk Management & Insurance (3) spring

MAC 175 Introduction to Broadcast & Digital Media  (3) fall

MAC 210 Mass Media & Society (3) fall

MAC 240 Reporting & Newswriting (3) fall

MAC  275 Broadcasting Digital Media I (3)

MAC 245 Copyediting (3) spring

MAC 371 Writing for Public Relations (3) spring

MAC 375 Broadcasting Digital Media II  (3)

MAC 380 Sp Topics: Broadcast Announcing (3) spring

Other electives as approved by Advisor/Chair

SPORT MANAGEMENT AREA    Suggested Curriculum Guide Sheet
3 Freshman fall                                       Freshman spring
Eng 111 3 hr                                           Eng 112 3hr
Gen Ed 3 hr                                            Gen ED 3 hr
Gen Ed 3 hr                                            Gen Ed 3 hr
HP 103 2 hr                                            Gen Ed 3 hr
Gen Ed activity 1 hr                               Gen Ed 3 hr
OR 100 1 hr*                                          Or 100 1 hr*
Gen Ed 3 hr
15 hrs                                                       15 hrs

Sophomore fall                                         Sophomore spring

HP 201 3 hr                                              Gen Ed 3 hr
ECON 222 3 hr                                         HP 315 3 hr
Gen Ed 2 hr                                               Sport Mgt Elective  3hr
Gen Ed 3 hr                                               Sport Mgt Elective 3 hr
Gen Ed 3 hr                                               Elective 3 hr
14 hrs                                                        15 hrs

Junior fall                                                  Junior spring

HP 360 3 hr                                               Sport Mgt Elective 3 hr
HP 371 3 hr                                               Elective 3 hr
Elective 3 hr                                              HP 370 3 hr
Sport Mgt Elective 3 hr                             Sport Mgt Elective 3 hr
Elective 3 hr                                              Elective 3 hr
15 hrs                                                         15 hrs

Senior fall                                                   Senior spring

HP 430 3 hr                                                HP 405 3 hr
HP 444 3 hr                                                HP 445 3 hr
Sport Mgt elective 3 hr                               HP 485 6 hr
Elective 3 hr                                               Elective 3 hr
Elective 3 hr                                               Elective 3 hr
15 hrs                                                          15 hrs

The curriculum has 24 hours of electives outside of the Sport Management Area and General Education courses which would allow for an additional minor should the student choose to do so.

SPORT MANAGEMENT AREA STUDENTS AT LEXINGTON LEGENDS GAME Sunday, April 16, 2012 & with Financial Advisor Billy Wilcoxsin at SWAT Club meeting in October 2012.


 CU alumni Christi Thomas McGuire of WKYT Channel 27

CU alumni Christi Thomas McGuire of WKYT Channel 27

CU grad Lauren Shrader, promotions manager of Lexington Legends

CU grad Lauren Shrader, promotions manager of Lexington Legends

Alumnus Christi McGuire at Haiti telethon

Alumnus Christi McGuire at Haiti telethon

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photo 2

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swat bw2

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