Student Profiles

"Undoubtedly there are all sorts of languages in the world, yet none of them is without meaning."

1 Corinthians 14:10

My name is Davaajargal Dorjsuren(Dawaa). I am Mongolian. I came here as a ESL student in October, 2005 and this October will be my 4th year in CU. I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Adiministration with an emphasis in economics, and now I am doing my OPT in the School of Business and Economics.

It's been a wonderful and unique learning experience being a part of Campbellsville University.

Our campus grew tremendously throughout the years. Now CU draws students from across the United States and around the world. In 2009 we rank first in international student enrollment among colleges and universities in Kentucky and I am proud of its cultural diversity.
I believe Campbellsville University grew to be one of the finest universities in the South by their rich cultural diversity and Christian environment.

Again, I am really proud to be called Campbellsvillian and I highly recommend any international student looking for higher education in the US to consider Campbellsville University.


My name is Taha Shayeb Shayeb. I am from Colombia, but all of my family comes from Palestine. I have been studying at Campbellsville University for 1 year. I completed 1 semester of ESL, and then I began my undergraduate program of Pre-Engineering.

I came to Campbellsville because I got a scholarship and heard that Campbellsville has small classrooms where you can get to know your teachers and classmates, and this is definitely true.

My favorite thing about Campbellsville University is that it's small, but in a good way. Everything is within reach, you can access everything quickly and easily. The sports areas available are great.

You can have a really nice connection with American people. They are very nice with you, and you can also meet people from other countries. I thought there would be more American people, but then when I came, I realized it is full of international students, which takes the university level to a different place, not found at other universities. The CIE is always available to help with any immigration or other questions I might have.