Student Testimonials

“My name is Josh Binkley and I recently completed the MBA program at Campbellsville University. In an economy which is becoming increasingly competitive, I wanted to ensure that I did everything I could to help set myself apart from any competition. I have already seen how this education can pay off. Although my company does not recognize a MBA as a direct qualification for promotions or raises, I have received a high level of respect from my peers and co-workers. I think Campbellsville is a fantastic school and I have encouraged many of my peers to consider Campbellsville when researching graduate programs.”

Josh Binkley,
MBA Campbellsville University Graduate, 2011


 "My name is Faun Lobb, and throughout my college career, my ultimate career and educational goals never included a Masters in Business Administration. I received my Bachelor of Science in Journalism and English, and I saw no pressing use for an additional degree. This changed as I was hired in the summer of 2002 as a CU Admissions Counselor. Once I became a professional in a business career, the opportunity to educate myself in the business world was a vital component I desired to pursue. So, in the summer of 2005, I began the master's program at Campbellsville University. The program is perfect for my busy life. The majority of my courses have been online or on Saturday mornings. My career is very demanding in terms of time commitment, and this flexible class schedule has allowed me to be a full time master’s student and complete my degree more quickly. I have thoroughly enjoyed the small class size in that I personally know the majority of my classmates, and we offer each other help with not only homework but life itself. I highly recommend any individual looking for Christian education to consider Campbellsville University. "

Faun Lobb,

MBA Campbellsville University Graduate, 2008

"I was looking for a unique learning experience. One where the skills and knowledge I had already gained in my career could be harnessed and enhanced by a higher level of education. The MBA program at Campbellsville University fit exactly what I was seeking. I found an environment designed to promote personal and professional success. A program where students learn more than what is written in a textbook and the professors challenge their students to grow and expand their understanding of all components of business. I found an uncomplicated approach in putting into practice what I was learning. I could not have asked for a better or more personal atmosphere to foster my educational and professional goals."


Christopher M. Sanders,

MBA Campbellsville University Graduate, 2007 

"The MBA program at Campbellsville University is wonderful! I have and would recommend it to anyone. While in the MBA program I met a lot of superb people and was able to make important business connections that otherwise I would not have made. The classes fit my schedule and being able to finish in 18 months was a huge plus. The professors were wonderful and very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. I found the hands on learning and real world experiences from the professors to be very beneficial. It helps to be able to see how things really work in the business world and how they have evolved over the years."



Kellie Vaughn,
MBA Campbellsville University Graduate, 2006