Journey Summer Camp


Journey Summer General Information

Youth Camp - July 17-19


July 17-19

6th - 12th Grade


$125.00 per camper





Camp Director:  Rusty Watkins
Camp Cell:  (270) 403-1595
Camp Email:
*You need to send your participant list to this email address at least 2 weeks prior to the start of camp.


Housing will either be dorm style for boys and girls (2 per room) with bathroom on the hall or suite/apartment style where each room will have their own bathroom.  All beds are twin size.

Towels and linens are NOT provided by the university.  You might want to bring hand soap, paper towels, shower shoes, and a bath mat.  Toilet paper and trash bags will be provided and in each dorm room when you arrive on campus.

Housing will be determined when we have received participant lists from the churches attending camp for that week.  Please make sure to send in your participant list at least 2-3 weeks prior to camp!

During Check-In – you will receive keys to the rooms your group will be staying in for camp.  If keys are lost, they are $25.00 to replace.


ATTN:  Journey Camp
Camper’s Name/Church Name
#1 University Drive  UPO 883
Campbellsville, KY. 42718

Make sure you send all your mail a few days prior to camp starting so that your child will receive his/her mail before leaving campus!


Time Zone:  Eastern Time


As soon as you arrive on campus, you will be welcomed by the Journey Camp Staff.  Registration will be in the Bright-Redmon Student Lounge as soon as you enter campus.

Check-in will be from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. the day of your arrival!

Each participant (including group leaders & chaperones) will receive a FREE Campbellsville University tee-shirt upon arrival to campus.


Wifi is available campus wide.  There is an area on campus known as the Bright-Redmon Student Lounge where you will have access to computers if you need to check email, hang out, or just need a few minutes away from the craziness of your campers.  This area is only designated for group leaders and chaperones throughout the summer.

The Davenport Student Commons has a Starbucks kiosk and a Chick-fil-A.  Both of these areas are utilized a lot during the summer.  This building also house the post office, as well as, the campus bookstore where you can purchase drinks, candy, and Campbellsville University gear.

Tigerville Grill (great burgers & hot dogs) and Papa Johns are located on campus as well and within walking distance from your housing accommodations.

The Campbellsville University Summer Camp Staff will have a concession area open in the evenings for campers to purchase drinks, candy, chips, cotton candy, etc.

Track Time Options and Registration Form

  1. Archery – learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and even practice shooting on our targets
  2. Arts & Crafts – an array of painting, crafting, and possibly building
  3. Basketball – learn the basic skills and rules of basketball, run drills, and play games
  4. Crazy Kitchen – Learn some basic cooking skills and bake a different snack each session
  5. Flag Football – learn the basic skills and rules of flag football, run drills, and play games
  6. For Girls Only – only for girls and “girl” topics will be discussed
  7. For Guys Only – only for guys and we will do guy things
  8. Legos – Learn how to interact and share with others as you play with legos
  9. Outdoor Lawn Games – play some of your favorites like whiffle ball, kick ball, corn hole, etc.
  10. Outdoor Water Games – an assortment of water games involving water hoses, water balloons, etc.
  11. Sand Volleyball – learn the basic skills and rules of sand volleyball, run drills, and play games
  12. Soccer – learn the basic skills and rules of soccer, run drills, and play games
  13. Softball – learn the basic skills and rules of softball, run drills, and play games
  14. Tennis – learn the basic skills and rules of sand volleyball, run drills, and play games
  15. Ultimate Frisbee – learn the basic skills and rules of ultimate frisbee, run drills, and play games

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