Team Leader, Full-Time, Governor's School for Entrepreneurs, Georgetown

Team Leader, Full-Time, Governor's School for Entrepreneurs, Georgetown

Position Title: Team Leader


Company Name: Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

Location of Job: Georgetown

Company Address:
: 200 W. Vine Street
: Suite 420
City : Lexington
State : Kentucky
Zip Code : 40507

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone: (859) 619--9062

Position Description: Overview
Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs will be held from June 22nd- July 12th on the campus of Georgetown College. Team Leaders report for duty on June 16th , prior to opening day. June 16th-21st are mandatory training and planning days.
The GSE program is designed to teach high school students how to turn an idea for a product or service into a business opportunity. The program is a hands-on, immersive creative experience for students. Activities will include guest lecturers, field trips to startup companies and large production facilities, team building exercises and recreational activities. The spirit of the program is to foster and encourage collaborative learning through teamwork and positive social interactions.
There will be five or six Team Leader positions for 2014. Team Leaders will work together collaboratively and each will be responsible for supervising 1-3 teams of students. Each student team will have from 2-5 members. A minimum of 50 students will be selected through a competitive application process to attend GSE.
Some specific duties of Team Leaders include:
1. To develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with students.
2. To initiate contacts, stimulate conversation and excitement among students, to assist in supervision of team sessions, activities and field trips, and to be involved in all aspects of delivering the core content of the program to students.
3. To mentor and coach student teams to help them develop their ideas to the fullest potential and understand the components of a business model. To help prepare teams to give a live presentation of their product and business model to a mock panel of investors.
4. To stimulate creative and divergent thinking among the students.
5. To attend all staff meetings and a mandatory weekend training and planning session the week prior to opening day.
6. To work cooperatively with other program Faculty, Team Leaders and Resident Advisors to create a collaborative community of leadership for the students.
Team Leaders will be paid on an hourly basis and will be provided a room and all meals at no cost. Overtime should be expected. Every Team Leader will be on duty Monday through Saturday and are strongly encouraged to spend additional hours joining in with the evening and weekend activities in order to build closer relationships with the students.
GSE is looking for graduate students or entrepreneurs who are well-versed in entrepreneurship from a startup perspective, with a broad range of interests and experiences. Team Leaders will expand the intellectual and creative horizons of GSE students by coaching them in product/service design and development, and components of a business model. Emphasis is placed on innovation, customer development (validation), iteration and pivoting, and triple-bottom line philosophy. Team Leaders must work well with young people and be willing and able to make every topic experiential and relevant. They should be creative problem-solvers who are enthusiastic, flexible, and energetic and who can help teams of students to function well in an intensive, ever-changing environment.
Team Leaders are expected to participate fully in a living-learning/working situation which will require long hours, including evenings and weekends.

GSE is an equal opportunity employer.
Employment will be conditioned upon an unremarkable background check.

Contact Name: Christine Wildes

Website Address for Applying Online: