TESL Certificate

Mission Statement

The mission of the TESL Endorsement/Certificate program is to prepare students for work with ESL learners, either in the United States or abroad. Particular attention is paid to preparing teachers for Kentucky standards of teaching ELL students in the public school systems of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by the undergraduate endorsement program.

TESL Certificate

The Certification “option” is for non-education, undergraduate students who would like to be prepared to work with students who are non-native speakers of English. This 13-hour option is offered completely online.

TESL Endorsement/Certification program includes 5 courses with a total of 13 hours of course work, and has a 30-hour field experience component built in.
These courses are:

  • ED/TSL 240           Language and Culture
  • ED/TSL 250           TESL Assessment and Testing
  • ED/TSL 340           L2 Acquisition
  • ED/TSL 440           Applied Linguistics And English Grammar
  • ED/TSL 460           TESL Methods And Materials for P-12 Teaching  

Study Abroad Opportunities - the Ukraine Program

The TSL 460 Materials and Methods course is offered each summer in an intensive study and work program in western Ukraine.  Through this study abroad experience, students will be able to put into practice the information gained from their coursework as they work in a month-long English-language summer camp for students in the city of Ternopil.  This "hands-on" experience allows students to fulfill their 30-hour practicum requirement while completing required coursework and learning about a new culture!

Career Possibilities

"I am currently waiting to go on the mission field.  I am going to Brazil to teach ESL at a christian school called Amazon Valley Academy.  I am going through a mission organization called Network of International Christian Schools. This mission organization only hires people with a bachelor degree and only certified teachers.  Without my ESL certification I wouldn't have this opportunity!  I hope this encourages those that are in the ESL certification/endorsement program and also sparks interest in other students!"

-Christie Bagley, 2008 C.U. Graduate

For more information about the TESL Certificate program, contact Maryann Matheny at 270-789-5034 or mmatheny@campbellsville.edu.