The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards presented at Campbellsville University

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award was created nearly 100 years ago to honor a man for whom the award is named. Algernon Sydney Sullivan was a lawyer, a devout Christian, a mediator, a powerful and appealing orator, a courageous citizen during perilous times, a noted philanthropist, and a devoted family man. In the words of a friend, Sullivan “reached out both hands in constant helpfulness to others.” And many were touched by him – from street beggars and Sunday School children, to the most powerful businessmen and politicians of the city. With all of them, he commanded affection and respect. Professionally, Sullivan was a founding partner of the Sullivan Cromwell law firm, one of the preeminent law firms in the nation. To honor his life of service to others, the award is given annually by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation to recognize individuals whose “nobility of character” and dedication to service sets them apart as examples for others.

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation facilitates annual awards on 54 college and university campuses, mostly in the Appalachian region of the Southeastern U.S. Participating colleges and universities may present the awards to students and to alumni or community members who meet the award criteria.

Awarded only in recognition of fine spiritual qualities, practically applied to daily living, as distinct from high scholarship, athletic achievement, success in business, professional ability, political leadership, or mere worldly prominence in any calling.

The awards are presented each year to one graduating senior and one to an adult member of the college or university’s community.

The Award itself is bronze medallion, accompanied by a framed certificate describing the Award and copy of a brief biography of Algernon Sydney Sullivan.

Award Recipients


  Dr. Donnie Gosser
    Ms. Ellie McKinley
2014   Mr. Paul Osborne 
    Ms. Jacqueline Nelson 
  Mr. Henry Lee
    Ms. Jordan Johnson
2012   Dr. Larry Noe
  Ms. Jordan Cornett
Dr. James E. Jones
    Mr. Micah  D. Spicer
  Dr. Ron Lewis
    Ms. Kristi Ensminger
  Mr. Mark Johnson
    Ms. Shajuana Ditto
2008   Dr. William D. Feltner
    Mr. Trent E. Creason

  Dr. Robert Clark 
    Mr. Justin Watson
  Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer, Jr.
    Mr. Kwaku Osebreh 
  Dr. J. Chester Badgett
    Ms. Lori B. Rousey 
  Mrs. Betty Jane Gorin-Smith
    Rev. Van M. Thompson 
  Dr. Forest Shely
Ms. Sarah E. Finney