To Vote, or Not to Vote?

To Vote, or Not to Vote?

Election day is almost here and how could I forget, there is someone telling me who to vote for every five minutes on Facebook, not to mention the campaign ads constantly playing on the television.

But I must admit, with this sad selection, I really could not care less.

For years I had been excited to be old enough to vote in an election, and now that that time has finally come I am finding it incredibly hard to even see the worth in it.

Trust me, I have done my research on the candidates. I have tried to find a reason to speak my voice on a ballot, but the more research I do the more I cannot find a reason to do so.

When I look at President Barack Obama I see a man hiding behind a teleprompter who made unkept promises to America and wants to spend money we do not have.

The idea of big government makes me cringe and Obama’s proposals for government funded health care is more than I can handle.

As for Mitt Romney, all I see is a stereotypical politician who is in the running for office simply because he has the money to do so.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and while he claims to be for the common man, he has no idea what the common man is.

There is not much of a choice.

I can vote for a repeat of the past four years failing economy or I can vote for just another hot aired politician who has no grasp on reality.

Tough call.

I do not want to vote for the lesser of two evils. So I am beginning to think that I just may as well not show my support to either candidate.

And there is no sense in even casting a vote for a third party because there is no chance that they will win.

Until there is a complete overhaul in the American political system, a Democrat or Republican will always be in the oval office.

Such a promising thought, I know.

Money is the driving factor behind a political campaign. If you do not have money then you stand no chance.

I understand this, it makes sense, but that does not make it right.

This nation is filled with individuals who have great potential to become world leaders, but money is what speaks in political realms.

If money is the main player, what does that say about our leaders?

It shows where their motivation is for decision making.

What happened to true leadership from America’s leaders?

Grant it, our founding fathers were far from perfect, but are not we all?

In our nation’s past, it seems that we had politicians who genuinely cared about making a better America.

I just wish we could resurrect Lincoln or Washington. But until we are able to do so, it seems that I am going to be sitting out on this 2012 election.

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1. Lucie wrote:
Michele Inghram - Thank you, Courtney!!! I hope there are enough young poeple out there that pay attention to this. And for those of you who don't vote, remember this: If you don't vote, you can't bitch.

Thu, January 3, 2013 @ 7:13 AM

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