Campbellsville University offers a wide variety of education certification levels and content areas.  To receive certification in your chosen area, you must complete your program of study, complete student teaching and pass the required Subject Assessment exams required by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.

Certification is available in the following grade levels/content areas:

  • Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE)

    The IECE Program is designed to prepare the teacher candidates to teach in inclusive preschool and kindergarten classrooms in a Kentucky public school and to work as a Developmental Interventionist, a certified position serving families and their children birth to age three who are at risk for disabilities. Course content emphasizes child growth and development; education and service requirements for children with exceptionalities; assessment, curriculum, and instruction; the learning environment; collaboration; and professionalism. Experiences focus on developing foundational skills, knowledge, and dispositions through meaningful interaction with children and families in a variety of environments including culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms, children’s homes, hospitals, or any other natural environment.

  • A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program is also available in Early Childhood Education (ECE), without teacher certification.

  • Elementary Education P - 5:  Interdisciplinary

    This program is designed to provide the teacher candidate experiences in developmentally appropriate settings. The emphasis is on interaction with students in school settings and courses that provide foundational skills and knowledge to be effective facilitators of student learning. Courses include topics such as Human Development, Children’s Literature, and subject area content methodology.

  • Middle Grades Education 5 - 9
    Option 1 (one content area) 

    This program prepares teacher candidates to be fluent and practiced in working with one specific subject: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, or Social Studies. Each content area includes close work with faculty in the content area integrated with pedagogical instruction with the school of education faculty. Course include Human Development, Classroom Technology, Diversity, Assessment and Classroom Management.

    Option 2 (two content areas)
    This middle school certification option allows the candidate to select two content areas for certification. The candidate can select any combination of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. This option does require a few more hours from our single subject option, but is attainable in four years. The student teaching experience allows for a split between the two subject areas to allow the candidate to learn and show ability to work in each content area chosen.

  • Secondary Education 8 - 12

    The secondary education program requires candidates to select a content area from Mathematics, English Language Arts, Chemistry, Biology, or Social Studies. These content areas are the candidates major and education is their minor. Education courses include work with classroom technology, diversity, classroom management and effective assessment practices. Content course work includes specific higher level courses intentionally chosen to prepare the candidate for certification exams and to prepare the candidate to be an expert in their field.

  • P - 12 Education

    Candidates who select this degree option will choose from Health and Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Special Education, or Music (instrumental or vocal). The course work includes methodology courses for working with the full range of developmental phases of students in our elementary and secondary schools. Candidates will participate in a variety of clinical experiences across all grade levels.

  • ESL Endorsement
  • Environmental Education Endorsement

Admission Requirements
Traditional Undergraduate Program

Candidate Assessment Point - CAP 2:  Admission

  • Transcript, 2.75 GPA
  • Prospective students must pass the CASE (Core Academic Skills for Educators) examination to be eligible for admission to the School of Education.

    • CASE:  Reading (5712) Passing score of 156
    • CASE:  Writing (5722) Passing score of 162
    • CASE:  Math (5732) Passing score of 150
  • English 111 - C or above
  • English 112 - C or above
  • MAC 120 or MAC 140 - C or above
  • TB Screening
  • State Criminal Background Check
  • Code of Ethics
  • Personal Autobiography
  • Pre-Professional Growth Plan (PPGP)
  • Entrance Interview

Undergraduate Education Advisors:

 P - 5 Advisors

Dr. Dottie Davis (A - I)                dldavis@campbellsville.edu            270.789.5090
Dr. Carolyn Garrison (J - R)       cagarrison@campbellsville.edu       270.789.5284
Dr. Robin Magruder (S - Z)        rlmagruder@campbellsville.edu       270.789.5139

5 - 9, Middle Grades Advisor/Student Teaching

Dr. Chuck Hamilton                   clhamilton@campbellsville.edu         270.789.5166

5 - 12 and 8 - 12 Middle/Secondary Grades Advisor

Susan Blevins                           smblevins@campbellsville.edu          270.789.5345

P - 12 Advisor

Don Cheatham                       dcheatham@campbellsville.edu       270.789.5505

Post-baccalaureate Advisor

Dr. Beverly Ennis                    bcennis@campbellsville.edu            270.789.5344

Special Education Program Advisors

Norma Wheat                         nrwheat@campbellsville.edu             270.789.5169
      (Undergraduate and Graduate/Somerset (P - 5 and LBD)

Dr. Lisa Fulks                          lrfulks@campbellsville.edu                270.789.5241

Dr. Billy Stout                          bhstout@campbellsville.edu              270.789.5408

For more information, please contact us at:

1 University Drive, UPO 791
Campbellsville, KY  42718
1.800.264.6014, ext. 5252

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