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From left are: John Chowning, vice president for church and external
relations and executive assistant to the president; Drew Tucker,
communications assistant; Linda Waggener, former marketing and media
relations coordinator who is now retired; and Joan C. McKinney, news
and publications coordinator, with Ginny Flanagan, assistant to the
president in front. (Campbellsville University Photo by Ye Wei "Vicky")


The Office of University Communications exists to help communicate the mission and message of Campbellsville University. Ultimately, the goal is to help encourage students to enroll at CU, encourage the retention of students, advance the mission of the institution, encourage key donors to help meet the fundraising needs and goals, build friends and relationships, advance the Christian mission of the institution and increase the positive identity of the University in the local community, region, state and beyond. The office is under the supervision of the Vice President for Church and External Relations and Executive Assistant to the President, John E. Chowning, the designated spokesperson for the office. He can be reached at 270-789-5520.


Drew D. Tucker

Joan C. McKinney
news and publications

(270) 789-5214

Drew D. Tucker
marketing and media
relations coordinator

(270) 789-5004

Jordan G. Antle
communications assistant

(270) 789-5213