University Logo

University Logo

The official Campbellsville University logo, the only approved visual image that symbolizes Campbellsville University as one consolidated organization, is the graphic signature shown on this page.

The logo, also known as the logotype, must always be presented in maroon (PMS 202C), gray (Cool Gray 5c), black or white. Foil stamping of the logo in silver on a black or maroon background is also permissible. When using a foil stamp, please consult the Office of University Communications at (270) 789-5213, for correct color matches.

The logo always stands alone with no accompanying icon or graphic element except the “Steeple” icon. The logo is to be used by all colleges, departments, offices, programs and other units of the University. The logo must be featured prominently on all University visual communications. Only a college or department name may be used with the logo.

The Campbellsville University logo must appear exactly as shown on these pages, and care is to be taken to ensure high quality reproduction. The logo is never to be scanned from other reproductions or downloaded from the Web. Digital files containing the official logo, icon and Tiger symbol can be obtained in EPS format readable by Macintosh or Windows platforms from the Office of University Communications at (270) 789-5213. When software compatibility does not accept EPS format, a high resolution TIF may be used.

The logo must appear on all official University materials. It is the primary identifying element that ties all of our communication efforts together. On printed pieces, it may be used either on the front or back, or on mailing panels. It does not have to be the focal point of the communication.

The logo must be used as designed and must never be re-drawn, screened, used with different fonts, distorted, stretched or overprinted. It is strictly forbidden to “rebuild” the logo. Altering the design can endanger the University’s legal right to its logo. The Campbellsville logo without the steeple icon may be used in situations where there is not sufficient space to include the icon.

In printed materials, it is strongly suggested that only the vector EPS of the logotype be used to maintain a high standard of reproduction. Prior to production and distribution, samples or mock-ups of printed materials must be submitted for approval to the Office of University Communications at (270) 789-5213.

Clear Space

Do not try to recreate this mark. Use the art slick or the EPS or PDF file logo mark. Do not manipulate the relative size or elements of this mark. It should be treated as art.